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List of Family History Books

Abercrombie - A Supplement by Elizabeth Cate Hoisington Stewart to the Abercrombies of Baltimore
Alderman Historical Reference
Our Pennsylvania German Families  A History and Genealogy of the Ancestors of Eva Minerva Baer Barnett who settled in Berks County, PA and her descendents
Frances Bashore Francis Collection
Family Record of Philip Bawel & Grace Bawel and their descendants
Fragments of the Past - Historical Sketches of Oley & Vicinity by Peter G. Bertolet, MD (2 copies)
Fragments of the Past - Historical Sketches of Oley & Vicinity by Peter G. Bertolet, MD (2 copies)
The Bertolet Family
Bertolet Family Bible
Beiler/Boiler/Bayler History & Genealogy
DNA Search for the Small Y. Bey America, Switzerland & Beyond (Allen R. Beiler)
Once Upon A Time - Earl T. Bolig Jr.
The Bordner & Burtner Families and their Bortner Ancestors in America
American Boyers
The Philip Brown Family of Tulpehocken Valley
The Heinrich Braun Family History 1810-1991
Brower Book #1
Brower Book #2
Brower/Taylor Family (photo notebook)
Robeson Township Brown Family with connections to
Garman-Hebner-Ray-Sturts-Bethel Cemetery
History & Genealogy of the Brubaker/Brubacher/Brewbacker family in America
Index to History & Genealogy of the Brubaker - Brubacher - Brewbaker Family of American (Vol. 1)
The Buckwalter Family
Registry of R. W. Buckwalter  Kellogg, Idaho
The John Burkhart Family History 1985
Gunard Oscar Carlson - "The Blacksmith Entrepreneur"
A Partial History of the Crossmann - Kressman - Cressman - Chrissman - Crisman Family
Carrick/Karrick Genealogy
The Cherrington Family History & Genealogy
Philadelphia Merchant - The Diary of Thomas P. Cope 1800-1851
Collins Family History Book  Virginia Pennsy
Correll Chronicles
A Partial History of the Crobmann Family  Suplement 6 Joh. Georg Crobmann 1705-1785
Notes on St. Mary's Store (aka Dampman's Store & Mary Dampman's Store) Warwick Village, Warwick Twp., Chester Co.  Based on store ledgers 1851-1856
The John Davis Family
The Evans Story
Evans Photo notebook
History of the Fake Family
The Filbert Family of Berks Co.  Descendants of Johann Samuel Filbert (1710-1786) & Maria Susanna Filbert (1704-1771)
Fisher Family History
Descendants of Christian Fisher
Samuel Fry the Weaver & Mennonites of the Twenty
In Memoriam Joseph Gaston, MD 1816-1885
Abraham P. Good & Rebecca Rhodes Good Family
Descendants of Jacob Good
Grier Family
Griffith Family
Culture & Creativity - Vol. Two - The History of the Gring Family & A Brief Account of the Sheffield Story
The Groff Book Volume 1
Descendants of Christopher Haldeman by Milton S. Haldeman
The Owen Hamilton Family of Chester Co., PA
The Happersett/Habbersett Family
The Johannes Hench Family in America
Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and his direct lineal descendants
Bishop Jacob Hertzler & his family
Hochstetler Update Vol. 1
Descendants of George Hoffman (1734-1829) & Johan Peter Stiteler (1745-1811) of Chester Co., PA
Descendants of George Hoffman (1734-1829) & Johan Peter Stiteler (1745-1811) of Chester Co., PA 2nd Edition
Sailor & Scholar Letters Home from Frederick Reed Hoisington, Jr. during World War I
Nancy Lyman Hoisington (1804-1878) Portrait of a Missionary
Family Record of Moses & Lavina Horning
Houck Family Tree & Related Stories (3 copies)
The Hyer Family Odyssey - An American Pioneer History
Supplement to Certain Topics on the Ingham, Waterhouse & Allied Families
David Jones
Descendants & Ancestors of Amos & Priscilla Stoltzfus Kauffman
Kurtz Family
Descendants of Jacob S. & Lydia (Mast) Kurtz
The Lackor Family
The Pennsylvania LeFevres
Leid Family History 1821-1993
Generations of Littlefield Tracks Across America
The Lovett Family 1588-2003
Eli W. Martin Family History
Mast Family History
Genealogy Record of David M. Mast & Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus 1868-1993
The Mat(t)hews Family
Matz Ancestory
Squirrel Huntin'   Sam McCoy
The Muhlenbergs of Pennsylvania
Genealogy of John & Susanna (Weber) Musser Family
Novy-Garwood Family Record & Connections Bartlett, Bishop, Bruner, Callender, Colver, Criley, Davenport, Detwiler, McGown & others
A Man Who Loved Houses - John Penn (1760-1834)
Pfahler Family History including Boyer, McNelly & Souden Families
David Plank family
John Y. (Blank) Plank & Charity Forney (Plank)  The Third Generation from Dr. Hans Blank
Good Business Practices & Astute Matchmaking  The Ascendancy of Thomas Potts (c.1680-1752) of Berks Co., PA in the Early Charcoal Iron Industry of PA  A Biographical & Historial Sketch
Thesis-  Potts Family Iron Industry in the Schuylkill Valley
Potts Memorial - Memorial of Thomas Potts, Jr.
We Weren't Always Prisers - Volume Second  The Indiana Connection
Reeser Family History
Myers-Reeser  Forget-me-not A Story of Two Families
Johanna Jacob Renninger & his wife Elisabeth Schoenly Including the Drumheller & Keifrider Families in Berks Co. & Montgomery Co.
Johan Jacob & Catharina (Hoffman) Renninger (1780-1980)
Rettew's Genealogy (1658-1986)  The French Huguenot
Ulrich Gindlesperger: His Life, His Family and Their Documentation (1708-1850)
Hockley Mill Farm-with Short History of the Henry Hockley & Esther Rutter
Harry G & Susie B. Horning Ancestors & Decendants
Walter Palmer of 1629 Charlestown, Mass….
Wilson Homestead, Honeybrook, Chester Co.

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