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Morgan Homestead

morgan house


This was the home built and occupied by Col. Jacob Morgan. It sits on a gently sloping hillside just North of and overlooking the village of Morgantown. It is believed that Jacob Morgan constructed the back, kitchen portion of the House sometime between 1748 when he applied for the warrant for the property and 1756 when he sold the property, with Appurtenances, to his brother Francis. This transaction occurred just after Jacob was Commissioned as a Captain in the French and Indian War. Perhaps he was not sure he would return. He did return and, in 1761, he bought the property back from his brother.  

Jacob Morgan laid out the general plan for “Morgan’s Town” in1770 on the land he had inherited from his father Thomas.  In 1776 he was selected to represent Berks County at the Provincial Conference and at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia which followed.  

The front, stone portion of Morgan’s house which is visible to all who look north on Rt. 10 from the center of town, bears a datestone which states. “Built in the 7th year of our Independence  It was here that Jacob Morgan resided until his death in 1792.

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