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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Book Page Name
C 270 Caccese, Esther R.
C 264 Caffrey, Daniel C. Jr.
C 264 Caffrey, Daniel C. Sr.
C 264 Cain, Clyde J. “Ted”
C 265 Cain, Olive A.
C 265 Cairns, Charles
C 339 Cairns, Charles F.
C 266 Cairns, James N.
C 266 Cairns, Maurice H.
C 266 Cairns, Pearl V.
C 266 Cake, Celika G.
C 338 Cake, Florence R.
C 266 Cake, Helen M.
C 267 Cake, John C.
C 268 Cake, Raymond C.
C 267 Calande, Savannah Lynn
C 268 Caldwell, Victor A.
C 267 Calpin, Thomas J.
C 268 Cammauf, La Verne S.
C 268 Campbell, Jean E.
C 269 Campbell, Robert B.
C 269 Capwell, Marlin E.
C 270 Carabello, Frances
C 270 Carabello, Mary C.
C 272 Care, Belle A. Derr
C 267 Care, Clarence A.
C 258 Care, Grace Elmira
C 273 Carl, Harvey H.
C 267 Carlance, Ferdinand “Fred”
C 272 Carlin, Olive W.
C 271 Carlson, Klas R. Jr.
C 273 Carlson, Lorena W.
C 272 Carmitchell, George R.
C 272 Carpenter, Alfred B.
C 274 Carpenter, Anna H.
C 274 Carpenter, Edna H.
C 274 Carpenter, Helen C.
C 258 Carpenter, John F.
C 281 Carpenter, Norman C.
C 274 Carpenter, Parke H.
C 274 Carpenter, Wilson H.
C 275 Carr, Floyd R.
C 258 Carr, Louise M.
C 275 Carr, Mary E. “Betty”
C 342 Carr, Raymond H.
C 275 Carr, Yvonne M.
C 276 Carrasco, German
C 276 Carson, Ann M.
C 271 Carson, Irene
C 276 Carson, Julianne
C 277 Carson, Larry L.
C 259 Carson, Walter T.
C 273 Carter, Ida P.
C 278 Carter, Josephine B.
C 339 Carvel, Fred B.
C 278 Carvell, Esther B.
C 278 Carvell, George B.
C 278 Carvell, Hattie B.
C 279 Carvell, Ralph B.
C 279 Carvell, Robert B.
C 277 Cascaden, William
C 279 Cascaden, William
C 277 Cashweiler, Anna S.
C 271 Cassidy, Patrick J.
C 338 Cassidy, Patrick J.
C 282 Castor, John G.
C 279 Cathcart, Emma M.
C 282 Caughman, Lucille
C 340 Cauler, Clarence G.
C 282 Cauley, Edward M.
C 280 Cauller, Ambrose A.
C 280 Cauller, Charles A.
C 259 Cauller, Earl H.
C 280 Cauller, Hilbert H.
C 280 Cauller, John W.
C 283 Celebucki, Edward F.
C 280 Centini, Mary E.
C 280 Ceresini, David Curtis
C 283 Cerra, John A.
C 338 Cerra, John A.
C 283 Cesarz, Francis J.
C 284 Chamberlain, Viola E.
C 284 Chamberlain, William E.
C 284 Chapman, Mary G.
C 285 Charles, Isabelle A.
C 285 Charlet, Paul F. W.
C 285 Chernausky, Thelma P.
C 285 Chidester, Thelma S.
C 281 Chisholm, Joseph A.
C 281 Chisolm, Sarah M.
C 286 Chivian, Mae G. Garner
C 281 Choinski, Raymond J.
C 260 Christian, John M.
C 341 Christman, Gerald D.
C 287 Christman, Julia B.
C 289 Christman, Ralph W.
C 287 Christman, Verna N.
C 281 Chrobocinski, Edward P.
C 288 Chubb, John R. Sr.
C 288 Churan, Stephen A.
C 289 Ciervo, Loretta E.
C 289 Ciesielski, Celia S.
C 326 Cipul, Ernest E.
C 288 Cisneros, Victor
C 290 Clair, Cory E.
C 288 Clammer, Frank N.
C 260 Clark, Ann E.
C 293 Clark, Earl S.
C 290 Clark, Edward D.
C 290 Clark, Edward D. (Ted)
C 290 Clark, Elva L.
C 291 Clark, Freda F.
C 291 Clark, Irene E.
C 292 Clark, Israel Y.
C 292 Clark, Maurice
C 291 Clark, Morris J.
C 317 Clark, Neil C.
C 291 Clark, Paul S.
C 292 Clark, Regina B.
C 338 Clark, Ruth F.
C 292 Clark, Ruth Wilkerson
C 293 Clark, Thomas J.
C 286 Clark, Wilmer E.
C 293 Clarke, Bessie E.
C 293 Clarke, Cora C.
C 287 Clarke, Esther Mae.
C 337 Clarke, Naomi C.
C 294 Clause, Ernest W.
C 289 Clay, Frances V.
C 286 Clay, Levena E.
C 295 Clay, Ralph A.
C 295 Cleaver, Mary S.
C 296 Cleck, Robert L.
C 296 Clem, Robert L.
C 289 Clemente, Alfonso A.
L 32 Clemmer-Leidy, Esther (Meese)
C 295 Clemmer, Donald A.
C 293 Clemson, Elmer B.
C 297 Clemson, Mary F.
C 297 Clendaniel, John H.
C 297 Clevenstine Robin C.
C 285 Clevenstine, W. J.
C 297 Clewell, Dorothy M.
C 294 Clime, Alice V.
C 294 Clime, Elizabeth R.
C 298 Clime, Gilbert N.
C 294 Clime, Josephine W.
C 261 Clingaman, Rodney G.
C 298 Clough, Kathleen Gerber
C 306 Clouse, John H.
C 295 Clouser, Florence E.
C 296 Clouser, Herbert L. Jr.
C 296 Clouser, June S.
C 340 Clouser, Lewis F.
C 261 Clouser, William H.
C 300 Clungeon, Mildred M.
C 298 Clymer, Elsie M.
C 298 Clymer, Harry I.
C 299 Clymer, Marjorie
C 299 Clymer, Mary A.
C 299 Clymer, Reuben C.
C 337 Clymer, Reuben C.
C 303 Coates, Margaret Anna.
C 303 Coates, Tyrone C.
C 300 Cobb, Linda M.
C 303 Coble, David R.
C 303 Coble, Margaret E.
C 305 Cochran, Elziabeth L.
C 300 Cochrane, Betty Lou
C 303 Cochs, Harold D.
C 304 Coffey, Earl N.
C 305 Coffey, Earl N.
C 304 Coffroad, James S. Sr.
C 305 Cogan, Myrtle
C 305 Coghlan, Charles Francis
C 341 Cohen, Norman
C 300 Cohen, Roberta
C 301 Cohen, Ruth M.
C 304 Coldren, Della M.
C 301 Coldren, Edward J.
C 307 Coldren, Frances I.
C 305 Coldren, Joseph R.
C 322 Coldren, Lillian Troop
C 308 Coldren, Ralph
C 307 Coldren, William H.
C 304 Coldron, Virgil Sr.
C 301 Cole, Ira Jr.
C 307 Coleman, Aaron
C 308 Coleman, Genieve T. J.
C 307 Coleman, John F.
C 304 Coleman, Leah M.
C 309 Coleman, Ronald Lee
C 306 Coller, Lester S.
C 306 Coller, Sarah M.
C 337 Colley, James F.
C 308 Colley, R. Clair
C 302 Collier, Marjorie R.
C 307 Collins, Clara B.
C 336 Collins, Donald J.
C 309 Collins, Linda Sue
C 261 Collins, Mark L.
A 3 Colon Abreu, Angel
C 261 Colon, Rafael
C 311 Commins, Leslie Ann
C 309 Commins, Lora Alissa
C 336 Commins, Lora Alissa
C 310 Cone, Charlotte L.
C 337 Cone, Charlotte L.
C 310 Connelly, Kieran J. Jr.
C 310 Connor, Catherine M.
C 313 Connor, Harold G.
C 312 Connor, James A.
C 311 Connor, Kevin
C 311 Connor, Wayne I.
C 313 Conover, Robin G.
C 313 Conrad, Alice E.
C 312 Conrad, Arnold F.
C 302 Convry, Minnie W.
C 314 Cook, Alma D.
C 336 Cook, Alma D.
C 323 Cook, Edward J.
C 312 Cook, Jane E.
C 343 Cook, Robert E.
C 314 Cook, Ruth S.
C 335 Cook, Ruth S.
C 302 Cook, Suzanne M.
C 262 Cook, Walter Harold
C 315 Coon, Mary A.
C 262 Cooper, George E.
C 316 Cooper, John
C 315 Cooper, John G. Sr
C 312 Cooper, John J.
C 316 Cooper, Mabel T.
C 315 Cooper, Mandilla May
C 315 Cooper, Marian S.
C 316 Cooper, Marion
C 318 Cooper, Minnie R.
C 302 Cooper, Ralph W.
C 318 Cooper, Scott R.
C 318 Cooper, Spencer Y.
C 318 Cooper, Wayne E.
C 316 Cope, Dorothy A.
C 316 Cope, Erna I.
C 317 Corbett, Charles W.
C 262 Cordier, Gerald A
C 320 Cordwell, Eleanore K.
C 317 Cork, Howard J.
C 317 Cornelius, William A.
C 323 Correll, Grace E.
C 317 Correll, John E.
C 319 Cosme, Cecilio Ramos
C 320 Costello, Thomas J.
C 320 Covelesky, Ellen E.
C 301 Cowley, Tetje
C 333 Cox, Catherine G.
C 319 Cox, Ruth E.
C 319 Coy, Jackie L.
C 324 Coy, Truman
C 324 Coyle, Edna M.
C 324 Coyle, Winifred A.
C 321 Coyne, Irene J.
C 325 Cozine, David Gregory
C 322 Crabtree, Charlotte M.
C 336 Crabtree, Charlotte M.
C 262 Craig, Helen Nichols
C 325 Craig, Verna E.
C 325 Craley, Jayneanne M.
C 321 Craley, Paul L.
C 317 Cramer, Maurice
C 325 Crandall, Joyce H.
C 263 Crane, Jack W.
C 325 Crass, Conley E.
C 335 Crass, Conley E.
C 322 Crass, Conley Jr.
C 322 Crass, Tyler Douglas
C 326 Crawford, James F.
C 330 Crawshaw, Alan S.
C 326 Cremer, Ronald W.
C 327 Cresswell, Carl F.
C 327 Criswell, Forrest
C 323 Cronrath, Edith M.
C 328 Cross, Paul Edwards
C 328 Cross, Verna E.
C 321 Crossley, Marvin H.
C 328 Crouse, Bessie M.
C 329 Crouse, Mary Stiles
C 328 Crouse, Walter J.
C 329 Crout, Richard O.
C 330 Crowell, Allen E.
C 333 Cruz-Cosme, Felix
C 263 Culley, Ronald M.
C 331 Cummings, Nancy E.
C 329 Cummings, Pheobe A.
C 333 Cummings, Tabitha L.
C 329 Cummings, Walter T.
C 335 Cunnius, Sallie
C 334 Curley, Ethel B.
C 331 Curley, Sarah R.
C 335 Curley, Walter Francis
C 332 Curran, John J.
C 331 Curran, Robert G.
C 334 Cusano, Louis
C 332 Custman, Leah
C 263 Cutman, Lawrence
C 318 Cutman, Sadie F.
C 302 Howard, Lacey M.

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