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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Book Page Name
F 1 Faber, Elmer W.
F 1 Faber, Violet M.
F 2 Fackler, Bryan L. Jr.
F 1 Fackler, Cynthia M.
F 1 Fager, Emma Martin
F 3 Fahrenbach, John E.
F 112 Fairbanks, Anna Slavek
F 3 Fairchild, Claude
F 3 Fake, Mabel Adella
F 3 Fake, Paul A
F 4 Fakir, Ibrahim Salim El
F 4 Falco, Juliana
F 5 Faller, Esther M.
F 5 Farber, Hortense.
F 2 Farina, Lee D.
F 5 Farkas, Addie Jean
F 6 Farrell, Ann O.
F 5 Fasnacht, Clara J. Zeigler
F 6 Fasnacht, Elsie M.
F 7 Fasnacht, John J.
F 6 Fatula, Albert F.
F 8 Faust, Charles I.
F 6 Faust, Elizabeth Ann
F 7 Faust, Harold Jr.
F 10 Faust, Harold L.
F 7 Faust, James S.
F 8 Faust, Kathryn
F 8 Faust, M, Dorothy
F 9 Faust, Merryl
F 9 Faust, Victor T.
F 4 Favinger, Crystal A.
F 4 Favinger, Richard L.
F 100 Favinger, Richard L.
F 11 Fedor, Anna L.
F 11 Feeney, Marilyn J.
F 109 Fegley, Mary C.
F 11 Fegley, Perma H.
F 100 Fehr, Charles W.
F 11 Feick, Lester L.
F 12 Feiler, Dorothy C.
F 12 Feinour, Jean E.
F 13 Feister, Anna Mary
F 14 Feldser, Jay
F 14 Feliciano, Francisco Reyes
F 12 Fenninger, Agnes G.
F 12 Fenninger, Henry R.
F 13 Fenstermacher, Lucy H.
F 14 Ferko, Margaret P.
F 100 Fern, Anna T.
F 101 Fern, Charles T.
F 15 Fern, Mildred E.
F 111 Feroe, William W. H.
F 12 Ferrara, Catherine M.
F 14 Ferris, Dorothy E.
F 15 Fessler, Lawrence H.
F 16 Fessler, Walter R.
F 16 Fetherman, Paulette A.
F 16 Fetter, Charles A.
F 13 Fetter, John Mentzer
F 101 Fetter, Russell M.
F 13 Fetter, William F.
F 17 Fetterman, Catherine V.
F 15 Fetters, John N.
F 2 Fettler, Luke H. Jr.
F 102 Fichthorn, Alice P.
F 17 Fichthorn, C. Mark “Charlie”
F 31 Fick, Florence M. Brown Syphard
F 101 Fick, George L. Jr.
F 18 Fick, Helen I.
F 17 Fidler, Bernyce R.
F 10 Fidler, Grace T.
F 19 Fidler, Robert K.
F 18 Fiedler, William
F 30 Fiegel, Byron H.
F 30 Field, Harvey J.
F 18 File, Mary Elizabeth
F 30 Filipini, Elizabeth S.
F 20 Fillman, Earl R. “Gerry”
F 18 Fillman, Emily L.
F 109 Fillman, Gladys Engle
F 101 Fillman, William W. Sr.
F 20 Filmore, W. Russell
F 31 Finch, Hazel B.
F 106 Finefrock, Edward E. “Finney”
F 21 Finger, Caroline Howe
F 20 Fink, Ella L
F 21 Fink, Maude H.
F 31 Fink, Millie
F 21 Fink, R. Wayne
F 21 Finkley, Bernice H.
F 22 Finney, Annabelle L.
F 34 Firestone, Edna Myers
F 27 Fischer, Mary T.
F 31 Fisher (infant)
F 27 Fisher, Abner S.
F 24 Fisher, Alice K.
F 102 Fisher, Amelia Eleanor
F 23 Fisher, Amos L.
F 22 Fisher, Amos S.
F 24 Fisher, Anna Kaiser
F 30 Fisher, Anna M.
F 22 Fisher, Annie Stoltzfus
F 24 Fisher, Ben
F 22 Fisher, Benjamin K.
F 28 Fisher, Christian K.
F 23 Fisher, Daniel A.
F 28 Fisher, Daniel Kurtz
F 23 Fisher, Daniel S.
F 23 Fisher, David J.
F 29 Fisher, Elam K.
F 24 Fisher, Elias K.
F 29 Fisher, Elias M.
F 29 Fisher, Elmer J.
F 28 Fisher, Emma G.
F 28 Fisher, Emma H.
F 32 Fisher, Ezra K.
F 29 Fisher, G. Dewey
F 28 Fisher, George H.
F 29 Fisher, Gideon K.
F 35 Fisher, J Kenneth
F 35 Fisher, J. Henry
F 34 Fisher, J. Kenneth
F 25 Fisher, Jacob K.
F 30 Fisher, James A.
F 19 Fisher, Jean M.
F 25 Fisher, John K.
F 25 Fisher, Kathryn H.
F 32 Fisher, Kelly Marie
F 33 Fisher, Laura L.
F 26 Fisher, Levi Z.
F 33 Fisher, Louis E.
F 27 Fisher, Margaret M.
F 25 Fisher, Marian H.
F 112 Fisher, Mary C.
F 33 Fisher, Mary Stoltzfus
F 27 Fisher, Matilda J.
F 33 Fisher, Mattie L.
F 33 Fisher, Mervin H.
F 102 Fisher, Raymond G. “Pete”
F 26 Fisher, Rebecca E.
F 102 Fisher, Rebecca K.
F 27 Fisher, Reynold C.
F 33 Fisher, Sally A.
F 24 Fisher, Sarah E.
F 34 Fisher, Sarah F.
F 26 Fisher, Sarah M.
F 26 Fisher, Sarah S.
F 34 Fitch, W. Emery
F 36 Fitch, W. Emery
F 36 Fitterling, Edna
F 19 Fitzkee, Ruth S.
F 36 Fix, M. Lucille
F 36 Fizz, Ralph
F 37 Flahart, James E.
F 19 Flaim, Kenneth P.
F 108 Flasher, Harold J.
F 39 Flaud, Lon David
F 38 Fleece, Reginald W.
F 103 Fleming, A. Elizabeth
F 39 Flickinger, Alvin
F 39 Flickinger, Marvin R.
F 40 Flora, John A. Jr.
F 40 Flora, Pauline J.
F 41 Florence, Elsie S.
F 56 Florence, Elsie S.
F 41 Florence, Valoris H.
F 42 Focht, Claude K.
F 42 Focht, Diane L.
F 42 Focht, Roberta M.
F 43 Fogg, Genevieve V.
F 51 Foley, James G.
F 103 Folk, Beulah A.
F 103 Folker, James H.
F 42 Follette, Harriet C.
F 42 Foltz, Abram S.
F 44 Foltz, Alvin S.
F 42 Foltz, Annie Z.
F 44 Foltz, Catherine Mary
F 44 Foltz, Earl K.
F 43 Foltz, Edith
F 43 Foltz, Elva
F 45 Foltz, Erma H.
F 43 Foltz, George W.
F 44 Foltz, Isaac Earl
F 43 Foltz, Jacob W.
F 43 Foltz, James
F 45 Foltz, Luella Klein
F 45 Foltz, Peter F.
F 46 Foltz, Robert A.
F 46 Foltz, Robert K.
F 45 Foltz, Sara
F 45 Foltz, William H.
F 110 Fontana, Albert J.
F 56 Fontana, Devin P.
F 46 Foose, Melvin H.
F 46 Forbes, Lawrence E.
F 47 Ford, Ada
F 47 Ford, Anna Dick
F 10 Ford, Charles R.
F 47 Ford, Charles R.
F 52 Ford, Elizabeth B.
F 10 Ford, James R. Sr.
F 47 Ford, Jean Anne
F 104 Ford, John Wesley
F 47 Ford, Jonathan William
F 47 Ford, Paul H.
F 48 Ford, William H.
F 48 Ford, William Richard
F 48 Foreman, Davis
F 48 Foreman, George John
F 54 Foreman, Laura E.
F 49 Foreman, Mary S.
F 49 Foreman, Ralph B.
F 49 Foreman, Russell Simmons
F 56 Forlini, Catherine M.
F 103 Fornwald, Dorothy K.
F 53 Forrester, Samuel R.
F 50 Forry, Dorothy M.
F 50 Forry, Etta M.
F 50 Forsythe, Charles L.
F 104 Fosnocht, Florence Emma
F 54 Fosnocht, Harvard E.
F 51 Foust, Elizabeth S.
F 50 Foutz, Daniel A.
F 58 Fowler, John C.
F 55 Fox, Angie Lynn
F 55 Fox, Anna N.
F 55 Fox, Clayton
F 55 Fox, Douglas L. R.
F 55 Fox, E. Alcenia
F 61 Fox, Earl
F 61 Fox, Earl
F 62 Fox, Edwin
F 61 Fox, Elizabeth G.
F 62 Fox, Elsie M.
F 61 Fox, Ernest C.
F 63 Fox, Etta M.
F 61 Fox, Evelyn M.
F 62 Fox, Franklin W.
F 62 Fox, Geraldine H.
F 63 Fox, Harry S.
F 64 Fox, Harvey S.
F 64 Fox, Harvey S.
F 62 Fox, Helen G.
F 57 Fox, Henry M.
F 64 Fox, Hettie G.
F 65 Fox, Hettie G.
F 63 Fox, Irene G.
F 64 Fox, Ivan H.
F 65 Fox, Ivan H.
F 63 Fox, Ivan M.
F 58 Fox, John P. Jr.
F 64 Fox, Kenneth L.
F 65 Fox, Kenneth L.
F 66 Fox, Laura
F 66 Fox, Lawrence A.
F 66 Fox, Lettie M.
F 67 Fox, Lloyd
F 66 Fox, Luella W.
F 67 Fox, Mabel Eva
F 68 Fox, Martin H.
F 66 Fox, Mary E.
F 67 Fox, Mildred I.
F 37 Fox, Paul H. Sr.
F 68 Fox, Paul Z.
F 69 Fox, Randlyn E.
F 68 Fox, Rebecca B.
F 66 Fox, Robert S.
F 67 Fox, Susan Z.
F 69 Fox, Thelma L.
F 105 Fox, Vera W.
F 67 Fox, Webster W. Sr.
F 69 Fox, Willis E.
F 70 Fralick, Norman F.
F 104 Frame, Gilbert G.
F 70 Francis, Howard C.
F 110 Francis, Joel B.
F 70 Francis,Edith H.
F 71 Franck, Christian S.
F 76 Franhouser, Lydia
F 71 Frank, Carrie S.
F 71 Frank, Charles E.
F 72 Frank, Floyd B. “Bud”
F 72 Frank, Harold, L.
F 71 Frank, Joseph E.
F 105 Frank, Leroy C.
F 72 Frank, Melvin C.
F 75 Frank, Nora L.
F 73 Frank, Samuel B.
F 73 Frankfort, Robert
F 73 Frankhouser, Anna M.
F 73 Frankhouser, Clara
F 76 Frankhouser, Edwin P.
F 74 Frankhouser, Emma
F 74 Frankhouser, Enoch S.
F 78 Frankhouser, Gwendolyn
F 78 Frankhouser, H. Roy
F 79 Frankhouser, H. Roy
F 75 Frankhouser, James N.
F 75 Frankhouser, John B.
F 76 Frankhouser, John I. Sr.
F 76 Frankhouser, John M.
F 79 Frankhouser, John Z.
F 79 Frankhouser, John Z.
F 75 Frankhouser, Kenneth E.
F 77 Frankhouser, Martin W.
F 76 Frankhouser, Mary
F 106 Frankhouser, Mary E.
F 74 Frankhouser, Robert E.
F 77 Frankhouser, Ruth E.
F 77 Frankhouser, Ruth L.
F 78 Frankhouser, Sam
F 79 Frankhouser, William E. “Bubb”
F 77 Frankhouser, Willis D.
F 57 Frantz, James
F 80 Frantz, James H.
F 80 Frantz, James I.
F 80 Frantz, John W. “Walt”
F 81 Frantz, Robert D.
F 81 Frantz, Sarah S.
F 80 Frantz, Verna E.
F 105 Frasso, Edward G. III
F 85 Frecht, Margaret E.
F 109 Frederick, Donald “Ray”
F 85 Frederick, Ida Mae
F 82 Frederick, Isaac O.
F 82 Frederick, Rebecca N
F 82 Frederick, Vernurva Caroline
F 82 Freed, Anna E.
F 83 Freeman, Chester D.
F 83 Freeman, Clarence M.
F 83 Freeman, Donald R.
F 84 Freeman, Eleanor W.
F 83 Freeman, Jane M.
F 37 Freeman, John J.
F 84 Freeman, John J.
F 58 Freeman, Joseph H.
F 84 Freeman, Mildred C.
F 85 Frees, Evelyn M.
F 84 Frees, Norman S.
F 108 Freese, Daniel L.
F 59 Freet, Jeremy R.
F 82 Fregede, Andrew G.
F 85 Freidly, James M. Sr.
F 59 Fretz, Fern R.
F 60 Frey, Marian R.
F 59 Frick, Kathryn L.
F 59 Friedmann, Anne C.
F 60 Friedmann, Robert F.
F 85 Friedrich, William R. C.
F 86 Fritz, Anna Mary
F 86 Fritz, Anna Melinda
F 87 Fritz, Carrie Weaver
F 85 Fritz, Elsie W.
F 86 Fritz, Emma M.
F 10 Fritz, Frances G.
F 86 Fritz, Frances G.
F 112 Fritz, Gerald J.
F 87 Fritz, John K.
F 107 Fritz, Mary B.
F 87 Fritz, Miriam Getz
F 81 Fritz, Roy S.
F 87 Fritz, Sallie Lesher
F 86 Fritz, Stella F.
F 81 Fritz, William C.
F 87 Fromm, Stella C. Knarr
F 88 Fry, Al R.
F 89 Fry, Carrie V.
F 90 Fry, Charles
F 89 Fry, Christian H.
F 90 Fry, Christian H.
F 90 Fry, Dena W.
F 88 Fry, Eugene Robert
F 90 Fry, Fannie S.
F 93 Fry, Fannie S.
F 88 Fry, Florence M.
F 91 Fry, Hannah Mary
F 88 Fry, Helen Mae
F 93 Fry, Ira L.
F 90 Fry, Jennie R.
F 89 Fry, Jennie Sparr
F 90 Fry, Kevin Scott
F 91 Fry, Mary D.
F 92 Fry, Norman L.
F 89 Fry, Paul A.
F 89 Fry, Ruth G.
F 106 Fry, Warren L. “Hap”
F 92 Fryberger, Esther Florence
F 94 Fryberger, Ethel May
F 91 Fryberger, Frances M.
F 94 Fryberger, John F.
F 94 Fryberger, Lonny E.
F 94 Fryberger, Mary A.
F 91 Fryberger, Robert S. Sr.
F 94 Fryberger, Susan M.
F 93 Frymyer, Mary A.
F 95 Fulton, Jacqueline M.
F 95 Fulton, S. Marvin
F 98 Funk, Dorothy F.
F 96 Funke, Eddie
F 95 Fuoti, Gloria J.
F 95 Furlong, Dorothy L.
F 95 Furman, Henry
F 60 Furman, Vaye M.
F 98 Furnier, Carol M.
F 97 Furry, Laura Marie
F 99 Futer, Anna M.
F 98 Futer, John
F 99 Futer, Paul E. Jr.
F 107 Futer, Raymond C.
F 98 Futer, Regina S.

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