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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Surnames HA to HL

Book Page Name
H 9 Haak, Eric Jr.
H 1 Haak, Erik Jr.
H 1 Haas, Anna M.
H 1 Haas, Benjamin F.
H 3 Haas, Blanche
H 1 Haas, Carl W.
H 10 Haas, Charmaine M.
H 1 Haas, Cyrus W.
H 2 Haas, Earl A.
H 10 Haas, Ernest W.
H 2 Haas, George David
H 3 Haas, Harry
H 9 Haas, Herbert A.
H 2 Haas, John
H 129 Haas, Laura Jones
H 5 Haas, Margaret J.
H 2 Haas, Minnie Leininger
H 3 Haas, Rita Weaver
H 4 Haas, Stephen W.
H 5 Haas, Stephen W.
H 10 Haas, Thelma M.
H 3 Haas, Virginia Z.
H 5 Haas, Wilmer B.
H 7 Habalar, Helen G.
H 7 Habalar, Theda J.
H 7 Habalarm W. Ray
H 6 Habecker, Clarence G.
H 9 Haberman, Frances M.
H 7 Hacker, Mary A.
H 6 Hackerty, Harry M.
H 7 Hackett, Edna J.
H 8 Hackett, H, Fred
H 8 Hackett, Lillie M.
H 6 Hackman, Betty V. D.
H 8 Hackman, Hannah E.
H 49 Hackman, Karin
H 30 Hackman, Marian R.
H 9 Haddad, Pauline M.
H 8 Haeseler, Helen E.
H 6 Hafer, Harvey
H 10 Hafer, Paul M.
H 11 Hafer, Victor L.
H 12 Hagelgans, Waldo A.
H 12 Hagen, Louis C. Sr.
H 11 Hagey, M. Weaver
H 12 Hagey, Marian W.
H 14 Hague, Gilbert W.
H 18 Hagy, Beatrice J.
H 16 Hahn, Amos H. Sr.
H 12 Hahn, Elasta Pauline
H 13 Hahn, Frank J.
H 13 Hahn, John T.
H 13 Hahn, Mabel E.
H 259 Hahn, Mabel E.
H 13 Hahn, Sarah S.
H 18 Hahnlen, Ryan Christopher
H 15 Hain, Rose Pearl
H 13 Haines, Adah Miller
H 14 Haines, Charlotte S.
H 259 Haines, Gerald H.
H 14 Haines, Gertrude Messner
H 15 Haines, Michael A.
H 15 Haines, Richard W. “Pete”
H 15 Haines, Robert D.
H 11 Hainley, Bertha Shimp
H 16 Hainley, Norman
H 14 Halbach, Howard J.
H 19 Halbeisen, Betty J. C.
H 16 Halbrook, Stacy Lyn
H 24 Haldeman, Blanche J.
H 22 Haldeman, Carrie E.
H 24 Haldeman, John Jr.
H 6 Haldemanm Warren B.
H 19 Hall, Eileen E.
H 24 Hall, Florence R.
H 25 Hall, Howard R.
H 19 Hall, J. Clifford
H 24 Hall, Kathryn Thomas
H 25 Hall, Robert M.
H 25 Haller, Barton B.
H 25 Halligan, John L. Jr.
H 26 Halligan, LeRoy D.
H 17 Hallman, John L.
H 260 Hallman, Joseph W.
H 17 Halpine, Mary R.
H 26 Hamer, Richard F.
H 26 Hamill, Robert L.
H 26 Hamill. Mary Ruth
H 19 Hamilton, Francine M.
H 42 Hamm, Grace E.
H 18 Hamm, Kathryn E.
H 26 Hammaker, Lloyd E. Jr.
H 27 Hammer, Howard K.
H 27 Hammer, Mary E.
H 27 Hammer, Paul J.
H 16 Hammers, Sadie A.
H 27 Hammers, Sadie A.
H 28 Hammers, William S. Jr.
H 17 Hammond, Dorothy M.
H 28 Hammond, Ella L.
H 29 Hammond, J. Mylin
H 28 Hammond, Margaret R.
H 28 Hammond, Mark William
H 29 Hammond, Paul W.
H 37 Hammond, Paul W.
H 29 Hammond, Pauline E.
H 17 Hammond, Robert M.
H 19 Hammond, Robert M.
H 20 Hampel, Oswald P.
H 37 Hampel, Oswald P.
H 29 Hampton, Dorothy Awilda
H 37 Hampton, Sharlene T.
H 259 Hane, John Elmer,
H 30 Hanes, Erma Hoffman
H 37 Hanley, Christopher S.
H 18 Hanley, Stephen B.
H 37 Hanna, James W.
H 30 Hanna, Virginia A.
H 31 Hannah, Sarah H.
H 39 Hansberry, Charles Joseph Jr.
H 39 Hanson, Margaret T.
H 18 Harbster, Ann R.
H 36 Harding, Alvin C. Sr.
H 36 Harding, May M.
H 20 Harding, Sara K.
H 21 Harding, Warren B.
H 36 Hardy, Anna M.
H 36 Hardy, Gladys M.
H 260 Harlan, Florence S.
H 20 Harland, Norine E.
H 42 Harley, Joseph L. Sr.
H 38 Harman, Bonnie Blum
H 30 Harner, Amy S.
H 30 Harner, Anna W.
H 31 Harner, Frances E.
H 42 Harner, Muriel C.
H 31 Harnish, Blanche
H 32 Harnish, Grace E. Russell
H 39 Harper, David R. Sr.
H 39 Harper, Mildred V.
H 38 Harple, Lillian V.
H 40 Harris, Walter E.
H 44 Harrison, David L.
H 40 Harrison, Virginia Mary
H 40 Harrop, David R.
H 38 Harsh, Amos R.
H 32 Harsh, Carl E.
H 41 Harsh, Charles Woodrow “Woodie”
H 32 Harsh, Clair A.
H 31 Harsh, Ella Florence
H 31 Harsh, Eva F.
H 31 Harsh, Frances Jennie
H 33 Harsh, June A.
H 33 Harsh, Leroy A.
H 33 Harsh, Myrtle I.
H 50 Harsh, Nora S.
H 55 Harsh, Nora S.
H 41 Harsh, Wilma L.
H 62 Hart-Keys, Margaret Alma
H 33 Hart, Elmer
H 33 Hart, Gloria M.
H 42 Hart, Leo P.
H 41 Hart, Louis
H 34 Hart, Maggie M.
H 38 Hart, Mary A.
H 34 Hart, Orville E.
H 34 Hart, William J.
H 260 Hartenstine, Elinor Kellar
H 44 Hartenstine, Luther E. “Buck”
H 34 Hartenstine, Paul C.
H 35 Hartenstine, Pearl W.
H 35 Hartenstine, Robert L.
H 21 Hartenstine, William G.
H 38 Harter, Bessie M.
H 41 Harter, Bessie M.
H 35 Hartigan, Joseph
H 35 Harting, C. Irvin
H 35 Harting, Elmer M.
H 35 Harting, Sadie R.
H 38 Hartline, Curtis R.
H 21 Hartman, Edna M.
H 46 Hartman, Gertrude R.
H 38 Hartman, Harold P.
H 43 Hartman, Hugh Durboraw
H 20 Hartman, Ira H.
H 46 Hartman, John H.
H 46 Hartman, Romaine M.
H 46 Hartranft, Agnew
H 46 Hartranft, Arthur R.
H 44 Hartranft, Austin L.
H 47 Hartranft, Clair H.
H 47 Hartranft, Ella M.
H 47 Hartranft, Gilbert
H 48 Hartranft, Grace B.
H 48 Hartranft, Isabel Z.
H 48 Hartranft, Leon D.
H 43 Hartranft, Lisa C.
H 48 Hartranft, Luther R.
H 49 Hartranft, Marion E.
H 49 Hartranft, Martin
H 49 Hartranft, Rachel Spotts
H 49 Hartranft, Raymond
H 43 Hartranft, Rosemarie Miller
H 50 Hartz, Amos
H 50 Hartz, Clarence R. “Diz”
H 44 Hartz, Delores J.
H 51 Hartz, Edward L.
H 21 Hartz, Irvin C.
H 51 Hartz, Joyce M.
H 51 Hartz, Joyce M.
H 51 Hartz, Marian Good
H 50 Hartz, Mattie E.
H 52 Hartz, Robert M.
H 50 Hartz, Susan M.
H 52 Hartz, Wayne C.
H 51 Harvey, Andrew
H 53 Harvey, Grace Hoffman
H 53 Harvey, Mary E.
H 53 Harvey, Matthew E.
H 45 Harvey, Verna R.
H 62 Harvey, William H.
H 45 Harvilla, Phyllis A.
H 45 Hasker, Constance Mae
H 53 Hassinger, Marion M.
H 63 Hassler, Carl W.
H 22 Hassler, Ethel P.
H 62 Hassler, Lewis B.
H 21 Hassler, Wayne B.
H 54 Hatt, Ronald P.
H 54 Hatt, Stella H.
H 53 Hatton, William J.
H 61 Haubert, Jane B.
H 56 Hauck, Bertha Dunlap
H 56 Hauck, H. Arthur
H 56 Hauck, Jacob
H 54 Hauck, Lee Lester
H 62 Hauck, Mazie C.
H 56 Hauck, Mildred B.
H 55 Hauck, Warren D.
H 55 Hauck, William Joseph
H 57 Hauenstein, Henry H.
H 61 Hauenstein, Maude F.
H 261 Hauptmann, Anna
H 61 Hause, Eleanora F.
H 57 Haushower, Abner Z.
H 57 Haushower, Ruth N.
H 57 Haverstick, Glenn R.
H 58 Hawk, Anna Elizabeth “Lizzie”
H 60 Hawk, Charles L.
H 61 Hawk, Edward E.
H 58 Hawk, George D. “Cannonball”
H 59 Hawk, George D. “Cannonball”
H 59 Hawk, George E.
H 59 Hawk, John J.
H 59 Hawk, Pauline F.
H 58 Hawk, Robert K.
H 61 Hawk, Sarah C.
H 61 Hawk, William J.
H 58 Hawk, Wilma D.
H 60 Hawkins, Evelyn J.
H 64 Haws, George E.
H 63 Haws, Marks J.
H 59 Hay, Emily E.
H 60 Hay, James
H 23 Haycraft, Kathleen
H 262 Hayer, Benjamin F.
H 62 Hayes, Ruth E.
H 22 Haysmer, Lyall B.
H 64 Haysmer, Lyall B.
H 22 Hazard, Frances Rebecca
H 102 Heath, Elizabeth M.
H 102 Heath, William L. Sr.
H 64 Heatter, Richard S.
H 102 Hebhardt, Irene H.
H 45 Heck, Anna M.
H 103 Heck, Anna M.
H 102 Heck, Katherine M.
H 103 Heck, Marcella Musser
H 103 Heck, Raymond
H 103 Heck, Robert E.
H 64 Heckart, Arthur Lee
H 105 Hecker, Mary Hyman
H 103 Heckman, Mary M.
H 104 Heckman, R. Dale
H 104 Heffelfinger, Cleo J.
H 66 Heffentrager, Edith Marie
H 107 Heffner, Mary H.
H 107 Heft, Gertrude Frankhouser
H 107 Heft, Kevin Mark
H 105 Heft, Noel Ann
H 104 Hehr, Robert D.
H 67 Heidelbaugh, Grace M
H 105 Heigel, Robert L.
H 106 Heil, Verna Weiler
H 105 Hein, Harry S.
H 106 Heinbach, William F.
H 66 Heine, Marie A.
H 63 Heiser, Louise B.
H 106 Heisey, E. Dorothy
H 106 Heisey, Elizabeth K.
H 65 Heisler, Eva S.
H 65 Heisler, Theodosia M.
H 65 Heist, Paul B.
H 66 Heistand, H. Stehmen
H 107 Helenthal, Floyd A “Hellie”
H 108 Helenthal, John E.
H 107 Helenthal, John E. “Jack” Jr.
H 108 Helenthal, Marie Hoffman
H 108 Helfferich, Marjorie Justice
H 108 Heller, Irvin Buchen
H 109 Heller, Lloyd B.
H 109 Heller, Susanna Metzler
H 110 Helm, Frank
H 125 Helm, Gloria G.
H 109 Helms, Anna Scott
H 67 Helms, G. Edwin
H 110 Helms, Harry G.
H 110 Helms, Sadie Reifsnyder
H 111 Helms, Suie E.
H 110 Helt, Francis N.
H 110 Hemmersbach, Kathryn Strong
H 110 Hemminger, Kathryn M.
H 111 Henderson, Anna K. M.
H 111 Henderson, Cameron G.
H 113 Henderson, Helen L.
H 112 Henderson, Kathryn M “Marie”
H 112 Henderson, Ricky Lee
H 113 Henderson, Robert C.
H 112 Henderson, Wayne M.
H 262 Henderson, Wayne M.
H 113 Hendrix, Helen Kuch
H 114 Henley, I. Lester
H 113 Henly, Daisy M.
H 65 Henn, Mary P.
H 136 Henne, Dale C.
H 67 Henne, Marian B.
H 114 Henretty, G. Wayne
H 114 Henry, A. Victor
H 115 Henry, Ella M.
H 115 Henry, Lavinia A.
H 114 Henry, Raymond
H 115 Henry, Vera I.
H 115 Hensel, Ruth A
H 68 Hensley, Orville L.
H 116 Hensyl, Mrs. John H.
H 116 Herb, Leon
H 104 Herb, Linwood I.
H 104 Herb, Linwood L. “Koppie”
H 263 Herb, Monica Kepner
H 116 Herb, Naomi E.
H 68 Herbein, Helen C,
H 117 Herbein, Sara E.
H 263 Herbine, Carl M.
H 68 Herculane, Sister Mary (Koslowski)
H 117 Herd, William R.
H 104 Herflicker, Bessie M.
H 117 Herman, George W.
H 124 Hernandez, Hermenegildo Acevedo
H 118 Herr, Alice L.
H 118 Herr, C. Martin
H 118 Herr, Carla Fay
H 118 Herr, Charles W. Jr
H 69 Herr, David L.
H 119 Herr, Hettie H.
H 119 Herr, Ivan B.
H 119 Herr, Judy E.
H 119 Herr, Kelly Sue
H 120 Hersh, Frank Z.
H 120 Hersh, Gerald G.
H 121 Hershey, Cora Lichty
H 69 Hershey, Curtis Richard
H 120 Hershey, David A.
H 121 Hershey, Esther L.
H 121 Hershey, Mary M.
H 121 Hershey, Rebecca J.
H 122 Hershey, Susan S.
H 122 Hershey, Willis D.
H 122 Hertzler, Barbara Mast
H 122 Hertzler, Darren Todd
H 122 Hertzler, David M.
H 123 Hertzler, Harry A.
H 126 Hertzler, John M.
H 135 Hertzler, Katie Kurtz
H 123 Hertzler, Lena Swartzentruber
H 123 Hertzog, Edna A.
H 124 Hertzog, Paul A.
H 124 Hertzog, Pearl M.
H 52 Hertzog, Stella B.
H 123 Hertzog, Stella Bowman
H 123 Hertzog, Vera Dorothy
H 126 Hess, Betsy E.
H 251 Hess, Dorothy Kathryn
H 127 Hess, E. May
H 70 Hess, Elsie Weaver
H 128 Hess, Evelyn J.
H 127 Hess, Grace M.
H 126 Hess, Harry S.
H 126 Hess, Infant
H 263 Hess, Irene Mauger
H 127 Hess, Ivan F. Sr.
H 127 Hess, Louise F.
H 128 Hess, Marie Miller
H 129 Hess, Maude Garman
H 127 Hess, Melvin H.
H 129 Hess, Naomi Plank
H 128 Hess, Robert O.
H 128 Hess, Robert S.
H 69 Hess, William H.
H 70 Hesser, William Frederick
H 125 Hetman, Irene C.
H 129 Hetrick, Emma L
H 129 Hetrick, Mary E.
H 135 Hettinger, Emily W.
H 135 Hettinger, Ralph M.
H 136 Heuyard, Elwood F. Sr.
H 136 Heuyard, Floyd T.
H 250 Heydt, Carl L.
H 136 Heydt, Goldie Brendle
H 71 Heydt, Veronica I.
H 250 Heyen, Grace Houck
H 130 Hibshman, Duane Lamar
H 246 Hibshman, Landis B.
H 246 Hicks, Erna Irene
H 71 Hicks, Frank C.
H 71 Hicks, Jesse P.
H 130 Hiester, Esther E.
H 247 High, Amanda Louise
H 77 High, Barbara H.
H 130 High, Beatrice E.
H 246 High, C. Earl
H 246 High, Christian W.
H 72 High, Edwin N.
H 247 High, Eleanor B.
H 247 High, Elmer Z.
H 70 High, Elnora L.
H 248 High, George D.
H 130 High, Infant
H 247 High, John F.
H 249 High, Kathryn Barley
H 249 High, Kathryn E.
H 248 High, Katie H.
H 249 High, Lillie K.
H 73 High, Pauline E.
H 250 High, Virginia Meter
H 249 Highfield, Robert A. Sr.
H 71 Hilbert, Edith L.
H 72 Hilbert, Evelyn G.
H 250 Hilbert, Evelyn G.
H 251 Hilbert, Ida Mest
H 132 Hildebeidel, Grace P.
H 72 Hildebrand, Miriam A.
H 132 Hill, Beatrice B.
H 251 Hill, Ernest L.
H 252 Hill, Kathryn M.
H 72 Hill, Robert J.
H 130 Hill, Sarah A.
H 132 Hillard, Edwin P.
H 132 Hillard, Elizabeth M.
H 132 Hillard, Elsie M.
H 133 Hillard, Evelyn Y.
H 133 Hillard, G. Claude
H 133 Hillard, Glenn L.
H 134 Hillard, Henry N.
H 133 Hillard, Leon H.
H 137 Hillard, Pearl M.
H 73 Hillard, Reba I.
H 137 Hillard, Vera S.
H 130 Hillard, Vernon “Tig”
H 137 Hillard, Vernon B.
H 251 Hiller, Gladys E.
H 138 Hillworth, Clara R. Simes
H 131 Hilton, Aldus W.
H 131 Hilton, Henry J.
H 130 Hilton, John F.
H 73 Hilton, Ruth E.
H 264 Hiltwine, Leonard A.
H 137 Himes, Katherine Buckwalter
H 75 Himmelberger, Edna R.
H 251 Himmelberger, Marian M.
H 252 Himmelreich, Barry E.
H 75 Himmelreich, Donald C. Sr.
H 138 Himmelreich, Jennie Mae
H 73 Himmelreich, Mary Geraldine
H 252 Himmelreich, Milton L. Jr
H 75 Hinkle, Ellen S.
H 74 Hinkle, Florence W.
H 138 Hinkle, Heindel M.
H 76 Hinkle, Theresa L.
H 252 Hinnershilz, Leon D.
H 76 Hintz, Georgia E.
H 74 Hippey, Jean M.
H 76 Hipple, Jack
H 76 Hipple, Mark A.
H 138 Hirneisen, Ida May
H 253 Hlavac, Sophie H.

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