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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Surnames HO to HY

H 253 Hoagland, Olive F.
H 143 Hochstetter, Cornelius J
H 142 Hoehm, Harry W.
H 29 Hoernlen, Frieda Goering
H 143 Hoernlen, Richard
H 144 Hoff, Dorothy Dautrich
H 144 Hoff, William E.
H 77 Hoffa, Bessie G.
H 144 Hoffard, Lillian G.
H 144 Hoffard, R. Nevin
H 144 Hoffecker, Bessie P.
H 77 Hoffer, Theodore
H 145 Hoffert, Allison A.
H 74 Hoffert, Carl A.
H 145 Hoffert, Daisy M.
H 144 Hoffert, Harvey E.
H 145 Hoffert, John A. Sr.
H 245 Hoffert, Katie Lyons
H 145 Hoffert, Monroe B.
H 82 Hoffman, Alice C.
H 146 Hoffman, Bessie M.
H 146 Hoffman, C. Walter
H 146 Hoffman, Charles F. or S.
H 146 Hoffman, Charles Robert
H 147 Hoffman, Earl F.
H 146 Hoffman, Fern M.
H 147 Hoffman, Francis J.
H 147 Hoffman, Freda Cauller
H 253 Hoffman, Gladys N.
H 147 Hoffman, Goheen W.
H 147 Hoffman, Harry M.
H 78 Hoffman, Helen M.
H 148 Hoffman, Howard H.
H 148 Hoffman, John R.
H 77 Hoffman, John R. Jr.
H 148 Hoffman, Josephine C. Lenhardt
H 148 Hoffman, Kristopher M.
H 78 Hoffman, Kristopher Michael
H 149 Hoffman, Marion V.
H 148 Hoffman, Martin
H 149 Hoffman, Mary Leona
H 78 Hoffman, Mary R.
H 149 Hoffman, Minnie A.
H 150 Hoffman, Paul V.
H 82 Hoffman, Ralph G.
H 149 Hoffman, Virginia
H 149 Hoffman, Wesley Guy
H 150 Hoffman, Wilmer H
H 150 Hohl, Adam S.
H 79 Hohl, Betty Mae
H 150 Hohl, Emma K.
H 150 Hohl, Eugene R.
H 78 Hohl, Gabriela
H 79 Hohl, Warren A.
H 150 Hoisington, Edla B.
H 80 Hoisington, Kathleen C.
H 151 Hoisington, Kathleen C.
H 151 Hoke, Agatha A.
H 253 Holder, Charles L.
H 79 Holder, Marcia D.
H 82 Holder, Marcia D.
H 83 Holland, Margaret Elizabeth
H 151 Holland, Mary E.
H 254 Hollenbach, A. Catherine
H 80 Hollenbaugh, Paul E.
H 151 Hollenbaugh, Paul E.
H 81 Hollich, Kathryn M.
H 152 Hollinger, Alice E.
H 152 Hollinger, Alta Mae
H 153 Hollinger, Alvin M.
H 152 Hollinger, Irene Neff
H 154 Hollinger, Jerrie N.
H 83 Hollinger, John E.
H 254 Hollinger, John E.
H 153 Hollinger, John M.
H 83 Hollinger, Jon W.
H 152 Hollinger, Lester
H 153 Hollinger, Mahton G.
H 85 Hollinger, Miriam R.
H 154 Hollinger, Noah M.
H 154 Hollinger, Nora W.
H 153 Hollinger, Susan E.
H 139 Hollinger, Wayne S.
H 254 Hollinger, Wesley E.
H 139 Hollyday, James H.
H 139 Holmes, Richard H.
H 81 Holt, Harry T.
H 139 Holtry, Charles W.
H 81 Holtz, Hannahlore G.
H 81 Holzman-Dill, Brenda J.
H 140 Homan, Jeanne M.
H 155 Homan, Robert M.
H 139 Hong, Sung
H 140 Hoober, Esther R.
H 140 Hoober, John J.
H 265 Hoober, Rodney R.
H 85 Hoover, Aaron M.
H 156 Hoover, Aaron R.
H 156 Hoover, Ada B.
H 173 Hoover, Ada B.
H 156 Hoover, Ada N.
H 156 Hoover, Ada S.
H 163 Hoover, Ada S.
H 156 Hoover, Allen O.
H 83 Hoover, Alma Patricia
H 85 Hoover, Amos Z.
H 157 Hoover, Anna E.
H 156 Hoover, Anna Mary
H 157 Hoover, Anna Mary
H 157 Hoover, Annie M.
H 158 Hoover, Annie Z.
H 158 Hoover, Barbara B.
H 159 Hoover, Barbara M.
H 157 Hoover, Ben F.
H 158 Hoover, Benjamin M.
H 159 Hoover, Daniel N.
H 160 Hoover, Daniel W.
H 159 Hoover, David B.
H 161 Hoover, David M.
H 161 Hoover, David W.
H 159 Hoover, Dorothy V.
H 160 Hoover, Dorothy V.
H 161 Hoover, Earl K.
H 161 Hoover, Edna W.
H 162 Hoover, Edna W.
H 162 Hoover, Edwin L.
H 163 Hoover, Eileen P.
H 162 Hoover, Elam H.
H 87 Hoover, Elam M.
H 162 Hoover, Eli M.
H 163 Hoover, Elizabeth E.
H 163 Hoover, Elizabeth M.
H 162 Hoover, Ellen B.
H 163 Hoover, Elvin Jay
H 164 Hoover, Emma R.
H 164 Hoover, Emma R.
H 164 Hoover, Erma G.
H 164 Hoover, Eva S.
H 165 Hoover, Evelyn R.
H 86 Hoover, Fairman Z.
H 165 Hoover, Frances N.
H 165 Hoover, George W.
H 165 Hoover, Gerald Z.
H 165 Hoover, Harry R.
H 167 Hoover, Harvey S.
H 86 Hoover, Isaac Z.
H 160 Hoover, Isabel K.
H 166 Hoover, Janice Denise
H 166 Hoover, Jeanette R.
H 87 Hoover, Joel L.
H 166 Hoover, Joel L.
H 166 Hoover, Joseph N.
H 166 Hoover, Joshua
H 167 Hoover, Keith R.
H 264 Hoover, Kenneth F. “Pete”
H 167 Hoover, Lena R.
H 86 Hoover, Lena W.
H 167 Hoover, Linda M.
H 168 Hoover, Lizzie S.
H 168 Hoover, Lloyd G.
H 88 Hoover, Lydia M.
H 168 Hoover, Lydia M.
H 169 Hoover, Mabel A.
H 169 Hoover, Mabel M.
H 169 Hoover, Magdalena N.
H 87 Hoover, Martha H.
H 169 Hoover, Martin M.
H 170 Hoover, Mary Anna
H 169 Hoover, Mary Kathryn
H 170 Hoover, Michael M.
H 170 Hoover, Naomi S.
H 170 Hoover, Noah Z.
H 171 Hoover, Olive M.
H 171 Hoover, Orpha M.
H 171 Hoover, Paul David
H 171 Hoover, Paul M.
H 171 Hoover, Paul Z.
H 254 Hoover, Pauline N.
H 172 Hoover, Phares M.
H 172 Hoover, Rachel G.
H 172 Hoover, Ruth Ann
H 84 Hoover, Ruth M.
H 172 Hoover, Ruth M.
H 173 Hoover, Samuel V.
H 173 Hoover, Susanne M.
H 173 Hoover, Timothy B.
H 155 Hopkins, Michael Jr.
H 255 Hopwood, Herbert G. Jr.
H 254 Horchover, Joseph M.
H 84 Horine, William C.
H 143 Horn, Arthur Andrew
H 174 Horn, Joy Belle
H 255 Hornak, Ann Paskevich
H 141 Hornberger, A. May
H 141 Hornberger, Alvin O.
H 141 Hornberger, Anna M.
H 141 Hornberger, Arthur A.
H 174 Hornberger, Arthur A.
H 142 Hornberger, E. Dwight
H 174 Hornberger, Elsie R.
H 142 Hornberger, Ethel Mellinger
H 142 Hornberger, Evelyn N.
H 175 Hornberger, Kim Ellen
H 174 Hornberger, Obed R.
H 143 Hornberger, Samuel N.
H 88 Horner, Jacob A. “Jack”
H 178 Horning, Aaron W.
H 178 Horning, Alvin B.
H 178 Horning, Alvin W.
H 178 Horning, Amos M.
H 88 Horning, Amos W.
H 178 Horning, Amos Z.
H 88 Horning, Anna E.
H 89 Horning, Anna M.
H 180 Horning, Anna M.
H 179 Horning, Anna Malenko
H 180 Horning, Anna Metzler
H 179 Horning, Banks M.
H 180 Horning, Charles P.
H 180 Horning, Clayton B.
H 181 Horning, Clyde H. Sr.
H 181 Horning, Donald L.
H 89 Horning, Eli W. Sr.
H 181 Horning, Ella Z.
H 181 Horning, Elmer
H 181 Horning, Elsie M.
H 183 Horning, Estella M.
H 183 Horning, Esther W.
H 183 Horning, Frances Weaver
H 183 Horning, Frank W.
H 183 Horning, Gertrude Delores
H 182 Horning, Harvey B.
H 182 Horning, Harvey W.
H 182 Horning, Howard B.
H 182 Horning, John Good
H 90 Horning, John M.
H 182 Horning, John W.
H 89 Horning, Joseph B.
H 184 Horning, Kenneth
H 90 Horning, Laura E.
H 184 Horning, Lena V.
H 184 Horning, Levi M.
H 201 Horning, Levi W.
H 201 Horning, Lewis G.
H 201 Horning, Linda Petersheim
H 204 Horning, Linford H.
H 201 Horning, Luella Good
H 201 Horning, Luther B.
H 184 Horning, M. Kathleen
H 202 Horning, Mabel T.
H 202 Horning, Maria Horst
H 91 Horning, Martha O.
H 202 Horning, Martha Sensenig
H 202 Horning, Mary W.
H 202 Horning, Miriam
H 203 Horning, Nancy G.
H 179 Horning, Noah G.
H 203 Horning, Paul B.
H 203 Horning, Pearl W.
H 203 Horning, Raymond K.
H 204 Horning, Rebecca Boehringer
H 203 Horning, Samuel S.
H 204 Horning, Suzie G.
H 205 Horning, Willis G.
H 264 Horosky, Michael
H 264 Horosky, Stanley
H 208 Horst, Abram S. Jr.
H 91 Horst, Abram S. Sr.
H 207 Horst, Alta B.
H 210 Horst, Alta H.
H 210 Horst, Anna B.
H 210 Horst, Anna Mary
H 207 Horst, Anna W.
H 211 Horst, Arthur L.
H 211 Horst, Barton M.
H 210 Horst, Carrie Irwin
H 211 Horst, Chester A.
H 207 Horst, Clifford L.
H 212 Horst, Curtis R.
H 211 Horst, Earl W.
H 212 Horst, Edna B.
H 212 Horst, Eileen M.
H 213 Horst, Elam S,
H 212 Horst, Elam W.
H 213 Horst, Eli S.
H 206 Horst, Elizabeth L.
H 213 Horst, Elizabeth M.
H 213 Horst, Elizabeth Rutt
H 214 Horst, Ella S.
H 214 Horst, Elmer W. “Bosty”
H 214 Horst, Emma Z.
H 214 Horst, Erika Leigh
H 214 Horst, Ethel P.
H 215 Horst, Eva Mae
H 205 Horst, George G.
H 215 Horst, George G.
H 205 Horst, Harold M.
H 215 Horst, Harry S.
H 205 Horst, Harvey M.
H 90 Horst, Harvey M. Jr.
H 206 Horst, Harvey Martin
H 215 Horst, Ivan B.
H 216 Horst, John A.
H 216 Horst, John G.
H 216 Horst, Kathrin V.
H 216 Horst, Lillie M.
H 216 Horst, Lizzie M.
H 217 Horst, Luke Z.
H 217 Horst, Lydia H.
H 217 Horst, Lydia M.
H 205 Horst, Mabel M.
H 217 Horst, Mahlon M.
H 206 Horst, Margaret Rhodes
H 218 Horst, Mary Jane
H 217 Horst, Mary M.
H 218 Horst, Mazie Lesher
H 207 Horst, Milton M.
H 219 Horst, Nora W.
H 206 Horst, Otho Shank
H 219 Horst, Paul S.
H 219 Horst, Phares M.
H 220 Horst, Phares Sweigart
H 96 Horst, Ray S.
H 220 Horst, Raymond B.
H 220 Horst, Reuben S.
H 220 Horst, Richard W.
H 221 Horst, Robert Ray
H 221 Horst, Rufus M.
H 221 Horst, Ruth H.
H 206 Horst, Samuel G.
H 221 Horst, Tillman G.
H 221 Horst, Titus Z.
H 91 Horst, Willis D.
H 209 Horst, Willis D.
H 255 Horton, Mary Elizabeth “Betty”
H 256 Hosfeld, Clyde L.
H 175 Hoshauer, Amanda E.
H 175 Hoshauer, Charles
H 175 Hoshauer, Charles Z.
H 175 Hoshauer, Daniel C.
H 176 Hoshauer, Howard Jr.
H 176 Hoshauer, Mae R.
H 176 Hoshauer, Mary J.
H 191 Hoshour, Ella Good
H 194 Hoshour, Ralph
H 194 Hoshour, William
H 194 Hospidor, Irene L
H 195 Hostetler, Wilma Sue
H 194 Hostetter, Betty J.
H 194 Hostetter, Beulah M.
H 195 Hostetter, L. M. “Lem”
H 195 Hostetter, Rhoda White
H 196 Hostetter, Rosa M.
H 92 Hostetter, Ruth S.
H 195 Hottenstein, Margaret Hahn
H 196 Houck, A. Glenn
H 197 Houck, Ada June Moore
H 197 Houck, Albert C. “Abby”
H 197 Houck, Amos
H 197 Houck, Anna M.
H 198 Houck, Barton I.
H 92 Houck, Bessie M.
H 4 Houck, Betty Jane Frey
H 198 Houck, Blanche M.
H 92 Houck, Carl C.
H 197 Houck, Charles A.
H 198 Houck, Chester M.
H 185 Houck, Clair S.
H 93 Houck, D. Richard
H 97 Houck, D. Richard
H 190 Houck, E. Ruth
H 198 Houck, Edgar M.
H 199 Houck, Elias I.
H 199 Houck, Ella L. “Betty”
H 200 Houck, Ella L. “Betty”
H 198 Houck, Elmer R.
H 199 Houck, Elsie May
H 196 Houck, Ethel Kieffer
H 196 Houck, Evelyn Seldomridge
H 199 Houck, Frank
H 200 Houck, George J.
H 200 Houck, Gladys Pfitzenmeyer
H 187 Houck, H. Kenneth
H 199 Houck, Harold C.
H 200 Houck, Harold Leroy
H 200 Houck, Hazel V.
H 199 Houck, Herbert R.
H 185 Houck, Isaac Lewis
H 185 Houck, Isabelle May
H 185 Houck, Jacob A.
H 186 Houck, James R.
H 186 Houck, John E. Sr.
H 186 Houck, Joyce E.
H 186 Houck, Kenneth R.
H 187 Houck, Mable A.
H 255 Houck, Marvyleon L.
H 187 Houck, Mary P.
H 188 Houck, Norman E.
H 187 Houck, Norman L.
H 92 Houck, Norman L. Sr.
H 188 Houck, Paul F.
H 188 Houck, Paul V.
H 189 Houck, Rachel E.
H 189 Houck, Raymond L.
H 189 Houck, Roberta A.
H 256 Houck, Ruth C.
H 189 Houck, Ruth I.
H 189 Houck, Ryan Alexander
H 93 Houck, Sharon Marie
H 190 Houck, Sheila Marie
H 190 Houck, Virginia
H 256 Houck, Walter H.
H 190 Houck, Warren L.
H 176 Houshower, Harold
H 176 Houshower, Harvey Z.
H 257 Howard, Bessie Montgomery
H 97 Howard, E. Miriam
C 302 Howard, Lacey M.
H 191 Howe, Amanda C.
H 95 Howe, E. Lamar
H 191 Howe, Earl E.
H 192 Howe, Florence E.
H 192 Howe, Harold M.
H 192 Howe, Irvin L.
H 192 Howe, Keith A.
H 94 Howe, Lloyd H.
H 193 Howe, Lloyd H.
H 177 Howe, M. Kathryn
H 94 Howe, Marlin Duane
H 193 Howe, Mary Yoder
H 93 Howe, Milton B.
H 95 Howe, Milton B.
H 193 Howe, Milton B.
H 94 Howe, Minnie
H 193 Howe, Minnie L.
H 177 Howe, Verna B.
H 177 Howe, Wilkins
H 177 Howe, William N.
H 96 Howell, Otis H.
H 94 Howry, Elizabeth Wadsworth
H 257 Hoy, Eva M.
H 196 Hoyer, Emma F.
H 96 Hoyt, Nanette M.
H 95 Hoyt, Nora Lee
H 257 Hoyt, Ralph C.
H 222 Huber, Barbara B.
H 222 Huber, Bertha W.
H 222 Huber, Ella M.
H 222 Huber, Elva Sensenig
H 223 Huber, John M.
H 223 Huber, Lloyd K.
H 223 Huber, Phares M.
H 224 Hubert, Robert John
H 223 Hubley, Ralph W. “Sonny”
H 224 Huehnergarth, Virginia
H 257 Huey, Charles E.
H 99 Huffman, Marie Wheatley
H 233 Huffman, Raymond O.
H 233 Hughes, Blanche L.
H 224 Hughes, C. Leon
H 99 Hughes, Georgia A.
H 224 Hughes, James B.
H 225 Hughes, Sarah May
H 258 Hugo, Grace R.
H 97 Hume, John L.
H 258 Humma, Dorothy R.
H 224 Hummel, Charles G.
H 22 Hummel, Ruth L.
H 101 Hunsberger, J. Marvin
H 99 Hunsberger, William J.
H 225 Hunsinger, Carrie R.
H 225 Hurd, Marion Tinkham
H 258 Hurley, Charles D.
H 226 Hursh, Anna Martin
H 226 Hursh, Joseph S.
H 225 Hursh, Leah Z.
H 226 Hursh, William M.
H 100 Hurst, Amos H.
H 233 Hurst, Amos S. Sr.
H 100 Hurst, Anna Mae
H 233 Hurst, Annie Z.
H 234 Hurst, David B.
H 234 Hurst, David C.
H 235 Hurst, Edwin B.
H 234 Hurst, Edwin L.
H 234 Hurst, Edwin M.
H 100 Hurst, Elizabeth F.
H 235 Hurst, Emma C.
H 235 Hurst, Emma L.
H 235 Hurst, Esther Kurtz
H 235 Hurst, Esther M.
H 242 Hurst, Eva H.
H 236 Hurst, Frances W.
H 236 Hurst, Frank S.
H 233 Hurst, Infant
H 237 Hurst, Irwin L.
H 237 Hurst, Isaac
H 236 Hurst, Ivan H.
H 237 Hurst, Jacob B.
H 238 Hurst, Jacob G.
H 238 Hurst, James D.
H 236 Hurst, James E.
H 238 Hurst, Jonathan M.
H 239 Hurst, Linda S.
H 238 Hurst, Lizzie S.
H 242 Hurst, Lizzie W.
H 239 Hurst, Lloyd B.
H 239 Hurst, Martha H.
H 239 Hurst, Martin B.
H 239 Hurst, Melvin M.
H 233 Hurst, Mervin M. Jr.
H 240 Hurst, Nancy Ginder
H 241 Hurst, Noah S.
H 240 Hurst, Paul A.
H 240 Hurst, Pearl Mast
H 241 Hurst, Raymond W.
H 206 Hurst, Reuben F.
H 241 Hurst, Reuben W.
H 242 Hurst, Richard S.
H 242 Hurst, Roy J.
H 243 Hurst, Ruth S.
H 243 Hurst, Weaver F.
H 225 Huss, Bertha M.
H 227 Hutchinson, Paul A.
H 227 Hutchinson, William F.
H 227 Hutton, Erma
H 227 Huyard, Ada N.
H 227 Huyard, David E. “Bud”
H 228 Huyard, Isaac A.
H 100 Huyard, Isaac F.
H 228 Huyard, Sarah Balwell
H 228 Huyard, Steward F.
H 229 Huyard, Sylvan R.
H 228 Huyett, Alvin K.
H 228 Huyett, Arthur L. Sr.
H 229 Huyett, Barton M.
H 230 Huyett, Clarence D.
H 230 Huyett, Clarence D. “Hank”
H 229 Huyett, Clayton M.
H 230 Huyett, Israel J.
H 230 Huyett, Jennie S.
H 258 Huyett, Joanne Hynes.
H 230 Huyett, John A.
H 231 Huyett, Laura Styer
H 231 Huyett, Lillie M.
H 232 Huyett, Lillie M.
H 232 Huyett, Lloyd L. Sr.
H 231 Huyett, Martin M.
H 232 Huyett, Oscar K.
H 231 Huyett, Ralph M.
H 243 Huyett, Rita Viola
H 232 Huyett, Verna Mae
H 244 Huynh, Thu Nguyen
H 97 Hyle, Clara E. “Jimmie”
H 98 Hyle, Clara E. “Jimmie”
H 244 Hyman, Blanche Benner
H 245 Hyman, C. Wilbur
H 244 Hyman, Edna Gabriel
H 244 Hyman, Hettie L.
H 101 Hyman, Irwin F.
H 244 Hyman, Irwin F.
H 244 Hyman, Minnie E.
H 245 Hyman, Minnie E.
H 245 Hyman, Walter F.

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Updated  18 October 2015