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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Book Page Name
IJK 26 Jackley, Michael J. Sr.
IJK 11 Jackson, John A.
IJK 11 Jackson, Martha Larkin
IJK 12 Jackson, Nelson “Whitey”
IJK 7 Jackson, Saunders Everett “Hook”
IJK 10 Jacobs, C. Wilfred “Bitters”
IJK 7 Jacobs, George W.
IJK 7 Jacobs, Joan Eileen
IJK 7 Jacobs, Lida Musselman
IJK 10 Jacobs, Sara M.
IJK 11 Jacobs, Suzanne H.
IJK 8 Jacobs, William L.
IJK 10 Jacobson, Dora May
IJK 9 Jacoby, John H.
IJK 11 Jacoby, Mabel E.
IJK 8 James, Bartholomew Arthur
IJK 9 James, Bessie Roberts
IJK 8 James, Elsie Dilliplane
IJK 11 James, Jered Michael
IJK 12 James, Warren H.
IJK 9 Janda, Edward J.
IJK 1 Jankowski, Sister Mary Isidore
IJK 12 Jannello, Albert J. Sr.
IJK 14 Jaworowski, Benjamin Charles
IJK 12 Jeffries, Matthew Scott
IJK 12 Jenkins, Rosetta F.
IJK 14 Jentgens, Barbara Alice
IJK 9 Jeznach, Chester
IJK 10 Jobe, Dorothy M.
IJK 14 Johansen, Martin
IJK 15 Johansen, Martin
IJK 9 John, Harry J.
IJK 15 Johns, Leslie G.
IJK 19 Johnson, Albert F.
IJK 15 Johnson, Alice Wenger
IJK 15 Johnson, Anna McCorkle
IJK 14 Johnson, Barbara D.
IJK 15 Johnson, Barbara D.
IJK 17 Johnson, Charles R. “Buddy”
IJK 16 Johnson, Clara A.
IJK 15 Johnson, Clara Reifsnyder
IJK 16 Johnson, Dora A
IJK 14 Johnson, Dorothy Ames
IJK 16 Johnson, Dorothy Elizabeth
IJK 17 Johnson, Evelyn M.
IJK 13 Johnson, Hazel Mendenhall
IJK 17 Johnson, Irene Walter
IJK 16 Johnson, Jay Randall
IJK 13 Johnson, Kathryn
IJK 20 Johnson, Mamie P.
IJK 20 Johnson, R. Thomas
IJK 18 Johnson, Robert T.
IJK 21 Johnson, Robert W.
IJK 13 Johnson, Sharon L.
IJK 18 Johnson, Theodore R.
IJK 18 Johnstin, Anna M.
IJK 20 Jolly, Walter F.
IJK 22 Jones, Charity E.
IJK 21 Jones, Edna M.
IJK 21 Jones, Edward M.
IJK 22 Jones, Elmer A.
IJK 21 Jones, Erma M.
IJK 26 Jones, George “Curt” Jr.
IJK 22 Jones, Gertrude Warman
IJK 21 Jones, Harry L.
IJK 24 Jones, James O.
IJK 22 Jones, June Leonard
IJK 23 Jones, Kermit M.
IJK 22 Jones, Lela H.
IJK 24 Jones, Lena G.
IJK 24 Jones, Lydia M.
IJK 23 Jones, Marvin “Cisco”
IJK 19 Jones, Mary J.
IJK 23 Jones, Paul R.
IJK 25 Jordan, Michael J.
IJK 24 Jordan, Ronald
IJK 25 Jost, Anna Gordon
IJK 25 Judith, Fred G.
IJK 25 Judson, Brenda Rose

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Updated  18 October 2015