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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Surnames MO-MY

M 192 Mock, Samuel J.
M 198 Mohler, Erla Royer
M 192 Mohler, Graybill E.
M 192 Mohler, Hazel V.
M 192 Mohler, Ida Mae
M 193 Mohler, Martin M.
M 193 Mohler, Paul
M 193 Mohler, Paul E.
M 193 Mohler, Paul S.
M 194 Mohler, Richard G.
M 193 Mohler, Sarah H. Wenger
M 194 Mohn, Keith A.
M 194 Mohn, Mabel A.
M 194 Mohn, Mary E. Martin
M 194 Mohn, Mary Jane Sprecher
M 195 Mohr, I. Eugene
M 263 Moletress, Eleanor B.
M 195 Molina, Laura
M 195 Moller, Myrtle C.
M 195 Monahan, John J. Jack
M 200 Monroe, Georgette
M 197 Montag, Ruby V. Lewis
M 199 Montgomery, Jay Tyson
M 263 Montrose, Archie
M 204 Moore, Mary Isabelle Hagler
M 252 Moore, Allison R.
M 202 Moore, Anna A. Miller
M 200 Moore, Charles Edward
M 199 Moore, Charles L.
M 199 Moore, Charles S. Jr.
M 202 Moore, Delores Jean
M 199 Moore, Dorothy M. Rettew
M 202 Moore, Elizabeth
M 199 Moore, Elmer
M 203 Moore, Emerson L.
M 263 Moore, George P.
M 201 Moore, Gilbert P.
M 203 Moore, H. Erwin
M 203 Moore, Harry E.
M 200 Moore, Henry H.
M 204 Moore, James L.
M 132 Moore, Katie Good
M 200 Moore, Minnie Rebecca
M 201 Moore, Paul I.
M 201 Moore, Robert A.
M 205 Moore, Ruth E. Rohrer
M 204 Moore, S.Marie
M 205 Moore, Vernon G.
M 253 Morales, Salvador S.
M 196 Moran, George E.
M 196 Moran, William T.
M 253 Morgan, Arthur P.
M 253 Morgan, JoAnn L.
M 196 Morgan, Marian B. Horning
M 196 Morgan, Mary M. Weaver
M 264 Morgans, Thomas Henry
M 197 Morganti, Merigo N.
M 197 Morris, Elizabeth Martin
M 197 Morris, Ewing A.
M 254 Morris, Harold R. Jr.
M 197 Morris, J. Everett
M 198 Morris, Joyce D. George
M 201 Morrone, Regina M.
M 254 Morse, Emily Swope
M 198 Morton, Miriam Harris
M 206 Morton, Myrtle A. Gill
M 254 Moser, Anna K. Rauenzahn
M 255 Moser, Carson V.
M 206 Moser, Catherine M.
M 258 Moser, William F.
M 206 Mountz, Dennis Edward
M 198 Mountz, Paul W. Sr.
M 206 Mountz, Walter S.
M 206 Mowrer, Esther Overly
M 207 Moyer, Ada Louise
M 207 Moyer, Alvin L.
M 255 Moyer, Arlene Young Geisinger
M 207 Moyer, Arthur O.
M 207 Moyer, Betty Jane
M 208 Moyer, David L.
M 258 Moyer, Dean A.
M 208 Moyer, Earl W.
M 258 Moyer, Edna H.
M 207 Moyer, Edwin G. Sr.
M 208 Moyer, Ernest A.
M 256 Moyer, Francis K.
M 208 Moyer, Harry G.
M 209 Moyer, Harvey
M 209 Moyer, Hazel Mildred
M 209 Moyer, Isaac B.
M 209 Moyer, J. Stephen Sr.
M 265 Moyer, Joseph W.
M 209 Moyer, Lillian Grossman
M 210 Moyer, Loretta Jean
M 256 Moyer, Marlene M.
M 210 Moyer, Mary E. Sullivan
M 210 Moyer, Michael L.
M 210 Moyer, Paul G.
M 210 Moyer, Paul Raymond
M 264 Moyer, W. Douglas
M 256 Moyer, Walter R.
M 210 Moyer, William Clayton
M 211 Muckel, Frances N. Dechant
M 211 Muckle, Harry E.
M 211 Muhlenberg, George H.
M 211 Muhlenberg, Margaret Groff
M 213 Mull, Emma Schaller
M 212 Mull, Charles S.
M 213 Mull, Chester M.
M 213 Mull, Mary Helen King
M 213 Mull, Ruth M. Weiler
M 214 Mull, Sylvester R.
M 214 Mulvenna, Eleanor Frances
M 215 Mumma, Julia A. Royer
M 215 Mummaw, Anna Sprecher
M 215 Mummaw, Edna Shirk
M 216 Mummert, James M.
M 215 Mundell, Ethel Miller
M 216 Munro, Ross F.
M 256 Murdock, Jeanette M. Frees
M 221 Murley, John C.
M 257 Murphy, Colleen M.
M 216 Murphy, Edna Fitzgerald
M 217 Murphy, Elsie Mae Wise
M 217 Murphy, Esther M. Arment
M 217 Murphy, Martin M.
M 216 Murray, Gloria Caruso
M 257 Murray, Mildred L. Vogt
M 218 Murray, Shirley Gentry
M 218 Murray, Virginia J.
M 220 Murtha, F. James
M 221 Musler, Susette
M 218 Musselman, David G.
M 220 Musselman, Esther May
M 219 Musselman, Guy N.
M 219 Musselman, Herbert L.
M 219 Musselman, John
M 218 Musselman, Matthew William
M 234 Musselman, Randall Lee
M 222 Musser, Amos B.
M 222 Musser, Anna G.
M 222 Musser, Anna Mae Reist
M 222 Musser, Annie H. Good
M 223 Musser, Arthur S.
M 223 Musser, Bertha M. Souder
M 223 Musser, Brita O.
M 223 Musser, Carl K.
M 224 Musser, David G.
M 224 Musser, Dorothy Brown
M 224 Musser, Earl C.
M 224 Musser, Edwin
M 225 Musser, Emerson R.
M 224 Musser, Emma Mae Witwer
M 225 Musser, Enos G.
M 225 Musser, Ethel M. Gassman
M 226 Musser, Eugene W.
M 225 Musser, Harry G.
M 226 Musser, Harry G.
M 226 Musser, Hettie L.
M 227 Musser, Isaac Bowman
M 227 Musser, Ivan H.
M 228 Musser, John J.
M 227 Musser, Joseph G.
M 227 Musser, Keith W.
M 228 Musser, Lena M. Glick
M 228 Musser, Lena N. Sauder
M 229 Musser, Luke G.
M 228 Musser, Lydia King
M 229 Musser, Mamie W. Gehman
M 230 Musser, Maria Z. Martin
M 229 Musser, Mark G.
M 230 Musser, Mary E. Horning
M 230 Musser, Mary Sauder
M 231 Musser, Noah G.
M 231 Musser, Noah H.
M 231 Musser, Paul M.
M 231 Musser, R. Victor
M 232 Musser, Rufus H.
M 231 Musser, Sadie G.
M 232 Musser, Solomon G.
M 232 Musser, Stephen K.
M 232 Musser, Verna Redcay
M 233 Musser, Vernon W.
M 233 Musser, Viola Martin
M 226 Musser, William G.
M 241 Myer, Bertha Hershey
M 241 Myer, J. Nevin
M 241 Myer, Mary L. Barley
M 241 Myer, Melvin L.
M 240 Myer, Melvin N.
M 238 Myer, William R.
M 235 Myers, Alice Elizabeth Boots
M 239 Myers, Anna Balmer
M 234 Myers, Annie R. Yohn
M 238 Myers, Arleene Cooper
M 239 Myers, Barton W.
M 235 Myers, Clyde P.
M 239 Myers, Donald R.
M 235 Myers, Edward J.
M 236 Myers, Edwin C.
M 239 Myers, Esther G. Zimmerman
M 236 Myers, Frances Benner
M 239 Myers, Frances Benner
M 235 Myers, J. Leon
M 239 Myers, Lester
M 240 Myers, Lillian Kunzler
M 257 Myers, Logan T.
M 240 Myers, Mabel M.
M 236 Myers, Marie Horst
M 237 Myers, Richard Todd
M 237 Myers, Robert J.
M 237 Myers, Roy W.
M 240 Myers, S. Chester
M 237 Myers, Samuel J.
M 238 Myers, Vera Williams
M 238 Myers, Warren W.

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