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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Surnames N & O

Book Page Name
N+O 3 Nagle, Henry G. Jr.
N+O 4 Nagle, Kevin Michael
N+O 3 Nagle, Robert R. Jr.
N+O 1 Nagle, Thomas A.
N+O 48 Nagy, Frank
N+O 3 Napoli, Helen S.
N+O 5 Nauman, Brent D.
N+O 8 Nearons, Winifred M.
N+O 3 Neatock, Stanley A.
N+O 6 Needham, Mildred C.
N+O 5 Neff, Cyrus L.
N+O 10 Negron, Esther Mae
N+O 7 Neider, Virginia M.
N+O 48 Neiffer, Henry A.
N+O 8 Neiman, James S. Sr.
N+O 48 Neiman, Melvin
N+O 7 Neiman, Sarah A.
N+O 5 Nein, Lillian M.
N+O 9 Neizel, E. Viola
N+O 6 Nelson, Donald P.
N+O 11 Nelson, Esther W.
N+O 11 Nelson, Mary B.
N+O 7 Nelson, Paul J.
N+O 7 Nessinger, Eugene
N+O 49 Nester, Edwin K.
N+O 1 Nester, Eva J.
N+O 6 Nester, Gene W.
N+O 8 Nester, Newton C.
N+O 6 Nestorick, Harry Sr.
N+O 49 Nettles, Ella H.
N+O 11 Neufeld, Helmut Sr.
N+O 11 Neulin, Cora K. Mengel
N+O 12 Neuman, Florence F.
N+O 12 Newpher, E. LaMar
N+O 11 Newpher, Mate
N+O 50 Newport, Donovan M.
N+O 12 Newswanger, Aaron B.
N+O 12 Newswanger, Adam B.
N+O 13 Newswanger, Amanda Z.
N+O 13 Newswanger, Anna Weaver
N+O 14 Newswanger, Annie H.
N+O 12 Newswanger, Bertha S.
N+O 5 Newswanger, David M.
N+O 15 Newswanger, David M.
N+O 21 Newswanger, Edith K.
N+O 13 Newswanger, Edwin M.
N+O 13 Newswanger, Ella B.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Elsie K.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Eric Lynn
N+O 15 Newswanger, Esther E.
N+O 15 Newswanger, George P.
N+O 15 Newswanger, Grace E.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Harlan Z.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Harold Z.
N+O 17 Newswanger, Harvey S.
N+O 14 Newswanger, Irene K.
N+O 15 Newswanger, Irvin R.
N+O 16 Newswanger, Ivan G.
N+O 16 Newswanger, Lamar B.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Lawrence S.
N+O 16 Newswanger, Lester M.
N+O 16 Newswanger, Lydia
N+O 17 Newswanger, Maria B.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Minerva S.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Nathan Scott
N+O 20 Newswanger, Nelson B.
N+O 17 Newswanger, Noah S.
N+O 18 Newswanger, Norleen E.
N+O 17 Newswanger, Paul R.
N+O 18 Newswanger, Rebecca W.
N+O 18 Newswanger, Samuel S.
N+O 20 Newswanger, Vernon M.
N+O 19 Newswanger, Willis R.
N+O 1 Nicholas, Clarence H.
N+O 50 Nichols, Ronald G.
N+O 2 Nicolo, Rose
N+O 8 Nields, Mary O.
N+O 9 Nieves, Crucita F.
N+O 9 Niksa, Edward H.
N+O 9 Niksa, Helena Bruno
N+O 10 Nissley, Mary Wade
N+O 7 Nissley, Ruth
N+O 19 Noah, Ethel M.
N+O 22 Noble, Ethyle M.
N+O 22 Noble, W.Reeve
N+O 19 Noffsinger, Irene W.
N+O 19 Nogay, Anthony J.
N+O 24 Noll, Franklin William III
N+O 22 Noll, John K.
N+O 28 Nolt, Aaron H.
N+O 28 Nolt, Ada Z.
N+O 29 Nolt, Adam B.
N+O 28 Nolt, Almeta B.
N+O 29 Nolt, Alta H.
N+O 30 Nolt, Anna Mae
N+O 29 Nolt, Anna N.
N+O 30 Nolt, Arthur H. Sr.
N+O 31 Nolt, Daryl Lee
N+O 45 Nolt, Delphine
N+O 31 Nolt, E. Luella
N+O 31 Nolt, Edna N.
N+O 32 Nolt, Edwin B.
N+O 32 Nolt, Edwin W.
N+O 34 Nolt, Elam B.
N+O 33 Nolt, Eli S.
N+O 31 Nolt, Elizabeth G.
N+O 32 Nolt, Ella M.
N+O 34 Nolt, Ella W.
N+O 34 Nolt, Emma Hoover
N+O 34 Nolt, Emma N.
N+O 34 Nolt, Emma Z.
N+O 33 Nolt, Esther G.
N+O 33 Nolt, Esther S.
N+O 45 Nolt, Eugene M.
N+O 33 Nolt, Frances M.
N+O 45 Nolt, Glenn O.
N+O 35 Nolt, Harry M.
N+O 45 Nolt, Ida N.
N+O 35 Nolt, Irene W.
N+O 36 Nolt, Isaac R.
N+O 35 Nolt, Ivan W.
N+O 36 Nolt, Jewel M.
N+O 36 Nolt, John S.
N+O 45 Nolt, Jolaine M.
N+O 36 Nolt, Jonas Z.
N+O 37 Nolt, Katie B.
N+O 37 Nolt, Katie S.
N+O 37 Nolt, Kimberly R.
N+O 38 Nolt, Lena H.
N+O 39 Nolt, Levi W. Jr.
N+O 46 Nolt, Linda G.
N+O 46 Nolt, Linford Dale
N+O 38 Nolt, Lizzie M.
N+O 38 Nolt, Lizzie M.
N+O 38 Nolt, Lizzie N.
N+O 37 Nolt, Lizzie W.
N+O 39 Nolt, Lloyd S.
N+O 39 Nolt, Lydia A.
N+O 38 Nolt, Lydia M.
N+O 40 Nolt, Margie Irene
N+O 39 Nolt, Maria M.
N+O 40 Nolt, Marlin R.
N+O 40 Nolt, Martha W.
N+O 40 Nolt, Mary H.
N+O 41 Nolt, Mary N. Hoover
N+O 41 Nolt, Minnie S. Shirk
N+O 42 Nolt, Paul M.
N+O 41 Nolt, Peter O.
N+O 42 Nolt, Reuben Z.
N+O 46 Nolt, Roy Lester
N+O 42 Nolt, Rufus M.
N+O 43 Nolt, Rufus Z.
N+O 43 Nolt, Ruth O.
N+O 43 Nolt, Samuel O.
N+O 44 Nolt, Titus H.
N+O 44 Nolt, Titus S.
N+O 51 Nolt, Weaver M.
N+O 45 Nolt, Willis H. Sr.
N+O 19 Nonnenmocher, Emma E.
N+O 23 Norcott, Lewis H. III
N+O 24 Norman, Barbara A.
N+O 25 Norman, Layla
N+O 25 Norman, Talia
N+O 43 Norris, Sandra B.
N+O 24 Northeimer, Benjamin R.
N+O 24 Northeimer, Charles Raymond
N+O 26 Northeimer, Edith V.
N+O 26 Northeimer, J. Lewis
N+O 26 Northeimer, James W.
N+O 25 Northeimer, Sarah A.
N+O 25 Northeimer, Woodrow W.
N+O 25 Northeimer, Z. Ralph
N+O 27 Norton, Emma M.
N+O 1 Norton, Ruth K.
N+O 27 Noss, Jean S.
N+O 27 Novik, Michael
N+O 27 Nuse, Robert
N+O 21 Nyul, Olga
N+O 62 O'Brien, Rose Marie
N+O 62 O'Connell, Constance S.
N+O 63 O'Donnell, Betty
N+O 65 O'Keefe, Charles W.
N+O 54 Oatman, Charles L. Sr.
N+O 55 Oatman, Evelyn E.
N+O 54 Oatman, Hannah M.
N+O 55 Oatman, Rose R. Sr.
N+O 55 Oatman, William Jr.
N+O 56 Oberholtzer, Adam L.
N+O 56 Oberholtzer, Anna H.
N+O 56 Oberholtzer, Anna H.
N+O 57 Oberholtzer, Annie B. Martin
N+O 57 Oberholtzer, Arthur, G.
N+O 57 Oberholtzer, Barbara W.
N+O 57 Oberholtzer, Bessie G.
N+O 59 Oberholtzer, Harry B.
N+O 59 Oberholtzer, Katie M.
N+O 59 Oberholtzer, Katie S.
N+O 61 Oberholtzer, Lizzie Burkholder
N+O 55 Oberholtzer, Martha N.
N+O 60 Oberholtzer, Mary Jane
N+O 60 Oberholtzer, William B.
N+O 61 Oberholtzer, William M.
N+O 58 Oberholzer, D. Clyde
N+O 58 Oberholzer, Emma E.
N+O 58 Oberholzer, Esther E.
N+O 60 Oberholzer, Harry W.
N+O 59 Oberholzer, Jay G.
N+O 60 Oberholzer, Margaret E.
N+O 62 Ochs, Ida M.
N+O 63 Ogden, Wesley K.
N+O 63 Ohlinger, Emeline S.
N+O 64 Ohlinger, Levi G.
N+O 64 Ohlinger, Lillian M
N+O 64 Ohlinger, Sallie Good
N+O 65 Ohlinger, Wayne E.
N+O 64 Ohrin, Joseph S.
N+O 64 Ohrin, Lena J.
N+O 65 Oldt, Charles S.
N+O 65 Olsen, Doris L.
N+O 74 Ondercin, Andrew
N+O 47 Onderco, Emerich Jr.
N+O 47 Ondo, Pearl M.
N+O 66 Opperman, Clarence E.
N+O 67 Ordel, Tressa M.
N+O 67 Oren, Anne E.
N+O 67 Oren, Fred Y.
N+O 47 Orgera, Adam A.
N+O 47 Orlando, Salvatore P. Sr.
N+O 67 Orlando, Theresa R.
N+O 74 Orner, George R. Jr.
N+O 68 Orosz, Michael W.
N+O 68 Orr, Sadie Mae
N+O 66 Orrs, Albert R. Sr.
N+O 66 Orrs, Charles W.
N+O 66 Orrs, Elsie Pierce
N+O 68 Orrs, Guy M.
N+O 66 Orrs, Ronald Pierce
N+O 66 Orrs, S. Margaret
N+O 47 Ortiz, Carlos M.
N+O 52 Ortiz, Inez Z.
N+O 69 Osborn, Bruce E.
N+O 69 Ositko, Louis J.
N+O 69 Ositko, Ruth A.
N+O 69 Ostroski, Sara M.
N+O 70 Otis, Ida Mae
N+O 70 Ott, James S.
N+O 52 Ottavian, Christopher J.
N+O 52 Overholser, Ellsworth L.
N+O 70 Overly, Chester R.
N+O 71 Overly, Clayton S.
N+O 71 Overly, Edna S.
N+O 71 Overly, Elizabeth B.
N+O 70 Overly, Esther M.
N+O 71 Overly, Granville R.
N+O 72 Overly, Leroy S.
N+O 70 Overly, Levi J.
N+O 72 Overly, Lillian M.
N+O 72 Overly, Richard Geist
N+O 72 Overly, Truman H.
N+O 73 Overly, William C.
N+O 53 Owens, James A.
N+O 73 Oxenreider, Luther L.
N+O 53 Oxenreider, Roy H.

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