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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Book Page Name
PQR 7 Pack, Donna J.
PQR 7 Paes, Mary L.
PQR 1 Paine, Ronald L.
PQR 7 Painter, John C. Jr.
PQR 8 Painter, Kenneth L.
PQR 7 Painter, M. Jane
PQR 8 Painter, Mary E.
PQR 8 Painter, W. Everhart
PQR 8 Palaferro, Hilma
PQR 9 Palick, Mary M.
PQR 60 Palladino, Dominic A.
PQR 9 Palm, Grace M.
PQR 9 Palmateer, Albert G. Jr.
PQR 25 Palmer, Arthur T.
PQR 9 Palmer, Dorothy May Bear
PQR 10 Palmer, Elizabeth
PQR 9 Palmer, Martha E.
PQR 10 Palmer, Walter S.
PQR 1 Palombaro, William F. Sr.
PQR 10 Papada, Blanche K.
PQR 1 Papola, Patrick J.
PQR 11 Parfinsky, Eleanor J.
PQR 11 Park, SungWon
PQR 2 Parker, Amelia S.
PQR 11 Parker, Margaret E.
PQR 11 Parker, Marian Snavely
PQR 11 Parker, Violet A.
PQR 11 Parmer, Aldus P.
PQR 12 Parmer, Benjamin F.
PQR 12 Parmer, Charles E.
PQR 12 Parmer, Cora I.
PQR 12 Parmer, Donald L.
PQR 13 Parmer, Edward Gabel
PQR 12 Parmer, G. Truman
PQR 13 Parmer, Harry A.
PQR 13 Parmer, Hope M.
PQR 10 Parmer, Jean M.
PQR 14 Parmer, Karen L.
PQR 14 Parmer, Kathryn M.
PQR 14 Parmer, Laura R.
PQR 13 Parmer, Levi H.
PQR 14 Parmer, Lloyd E.
PQR 14 Parmer, Mabel M.
PQR 15 Parmer, Mary C.
PQR 15 Parmer, Rosie V.
PQR 15 Parmer, Ruth M.
PQR 14 Parmer, Viola M.
PQR 15 Parr, Vilma
PQR 16 Parrish, Charles D.
PQR 16 Parry, John I.
PQR 16 Parsons, Donald W.
PQR 16 Parsons, Sara A.
PQR 2 Paschalia, Mary
PQR 17 Pate, Frank Sr.
PQR 16 Patrick, Gladys H.
PQR 17 Pattern, Richard J.
PQR 18 Patterson, Alverta L.
PQR 19 Patterson, Edwin J. Jr.
PQR 17 Patterson, Harold J. Sr.
PQR 17 Patterson, Janet Frances
PQR 18 Patterson, Mary E.
PQR 18 Patterson, Walter F.
PQR 19 Patton, Celia L.
PQR 19 Patton, Earl F.
PQR 18 Patton, Edith M.
PQR 19 Patton, Elizabeth E.
PQR 19 Patton, Elva M.
PQR 20 Patton, Eugene Smith
PQR 20 Patton, George F. Jr.
PQR 21 Patton, John F.
PQR 20 Patton, John H.
PQR 21 Patton, Margaret R.
PQR 18 Patton, Paul J.
PQR 21 Patton, Richard Lee
PQR 21 Patton, William Sr.
PQR 22 Paul, Linda L.
PQR 22 Pauley, Hazel M.
PQR 22 Pauley, Patricia M.
PQR 23 Pauling, Bessie M.
PQR 23 Pauling, Frances W.
PQR 23 Pauling, Ruth J.
PQR 23 Paup, John L.
PQR 23 Paup, Marie L.
PQR 24 Paup, Merle S.
PQR 23 Paup, Violet M.
PQR 24 Pausser, Vera Warfel
PQR 24 Pavlesich, Mary Jane Ritz
PQR 1 Pawlewicz, Eva R.
PQR 24 Pawling, Mary E.
PQR 24 Paxon, Mildred S.
PQR 25 Peachey, Amos L.
PQR 25 Peachey, Arie M.
PQR 28 Peazonn, Catherine Samples
PQR 25 Peck, Anna B.
PQR 2 Peck, Anna M.
PQR 25 Peck, David M.
PQR 26 Peck, Elsie L.
PQR 26 Peck, Fred W.
PQR 26 Peck, Harold D.
PQR 26 Peck, Helen I.
PQR 27 Peck, Helen R.
PQR 26 Peck, Truman G.
PQR 27 Peck, William W.
PQR 3 Peffley, Joyce Mabel
PQR 27 Peiffer, Larry Charles Sr.
PQR 28 Peiffer, William F.
PQR 30 Peiffer, William F.
PQR 27 Peirce, Doris Ashworth
PQR 60 Peirce, Lucy Mank
PQR 28 Pelker, Helen M.
PQR 3 Pena, Maria M.
PQR 27 Penn, Ruth M.
PQR 29 Pennabaker, Burns C.
PQR 61 Pennell, George
PQR 61 Pennypacker, Marian A.
PQR 3 Pensyl, Carl L.
PQR 29 Peplau, Karl
PQR 30 Pereira, Zulmira C.
PQR 30 Perez, Jose Eligio
PQR 29 Perla, Gerald P.
PQR 30 Perreault, Lucy T.
PQR 31 Perry, Mary T.
PQR 31 Peterka, Frances S.
PQR 61 Peterman, Sylvia J.
PQR 3 Peters, Dianna V.
PQR 35 Peters, Florence
PQR 36 Peters, Raymond H.
PQR 36 Peters, Tressa G.
PQR 36 Peters, William G.
PQR 31 Petersheim, Alice N.
PQR 31 Petersheim, Annie R.
PQR 32 Petersheim, Barbara K.
PQR 32 Petersheim, Benjamin U.
PQR 32 Petersheim, Calvin C.
PQR 32 Petersheim, Calvin N.
PQR 33 Petersheim, Elsie K.
PQR 32 Petersheim, Emma K.
PQR 33 Petersheim, Emma K.
PQR 33 Petersheim, Ethel G.
PQR 34 Petersheim, F. Lorraine
PQR 34 Petersheim, Ivan B.
PQR 33 Petersheim, John Ervin
PQR 33 Petersheim, Lester B.
PQR 33 Petersheim, Mary E.
PQR 34 Petersheim, Melinda S.
PQR 35 Petersheim, Pauline L.
PQR 35 Petersheim, Rachel R.
PQR 35 Petersheim, Samuel K.
PQR 35 Petersheim, Susie L.
PQR 62 Petro, Nicholas Sr.
PQR 62 Petro, Stephen
PQR 36 Petzer, James A.
PQR 37 Pfahler, Mary Grace
PQR 37 Pfahler, Thomas W.
PQR 37 Pfautz, Clyde Sr.
PQR 37 Pfautz, Elmer R.
PQR 38 Pfitzenmeyer, Elizabeth Rachael
PQR 38 Pfitzenmeyer, Lloyd
PQR 38 Pfleger, Jack F.
PQR 38 Pfleger, Myra
PQR 38 Pflueger, Guy W.
PQR 39 Pflueger, Jennie R.
PQR 39 Pfund, George F.
PQR 39 Pfund, George S.
PQR 40 Phelps, George N.
PQR 40 Phenneger, Grace R. Wertz
PQR 40 Phenneger, Sara Frances
PQR 41 Phenneger, Sara Frances
PQR 40 Philip, Althea I.
PQR 40 Phillips, Marguereite F.
PQR 41 Phillips, Raymond E.
PQR 41 Pickel, Elva M.
PQR 41 Pickel, Katie Bradley
PQR 42 Pierce, Earl L.
PQR 42 Pierce, Lillie E.
PQR 42 Pierce, Marian R. Mohler
PQR 42 Pierce, Mary D.
PQR 43 Pierce, Thomas E.
PQR 43 Piersol, Beryle W. Sr.
PQR 42 Piersol, Christine W.
PQR 43 Piersol, Emma M.
PQR 43 Piersol, Gertrude R.
PQR 44 Piersol, John L.
PQR 4 Piersol, Larry Paul
PQR 43 Piersol, Miles
PQR 44 Piersol, Narrie B.
PQR 44 Piersol, Norman E.
PQR 45 Pike, James Henry
PQR 45 Pike, Lea Blanche
PQR 45 Piper, Patricia L.
PQR 4 Pizzi, Josephine M.
PQR 46 Plank, A. Earl
PQR 46 Plank, Abram C. Jr.
PQR 46 Plank, Adaline Jane
PQR 46 Plank, Alfred E.
PQR 47 Plank, Alice M.
PQR 47 Plank, Austin F.
PQR 47 Plank, Charles E.
PQR 47 Plank, Edna M.
PQR 48 Plank, Ethel S.
PQR 47 Plank, Helen R.
PQR 48 Plank, Horace R.
PQR 48 Plank, James A. Jr,
PQR 48 Plank, James R.
PQR 49 Plank, June D.
PQR 49 Plank, Kenneth A.
PQR 50 Plank, M. Edna
PQR 49 Plank, Robert M.
PQR 49 Plank, Sarah Adella
PQR 49 Platt, Agnes L.
PQR 50 Platt, Earl R.
PQR 50 Plotnick, Albert
PQR 50 Plotnick, Bessie
PQR 45 Plowfield, Aveline
PQR 51 Plowfield, George E.
PQR 50 Plowfield, John H.
PQR 51 Plowfield, Robert L.
PQR 51 Pogue, Jesse W.
PQR 62 Pollock, A. William
PQR 62 Pomponio, Lewis D.
PQR 51 Porter, Anna M.
PQR 52 Porter, Lloyd E.
PQR 4 Posey, Margaret V.
PQR 4 Posey, Mary J.
PQR 52 Postupak, Margaret
PQR 52 Potter, Mary Jane
PQR 4 Potter, Mary McCauley
PQR 5 Potts, Mary F.
PQR 53 Potts, Mary F.
PQR 54 Presberry, Clarence O.
PQR 5 Pressley, DellaM.
PQR 54 Preston, J. Fred
PQR 5 Pribanick, Matthew Paul
PQR 54 Price, Anna V.
PQR 55 Price, Frank
PQR 53 Price, George A. III
PQR 55 Price, Mary S.
PQR 55 Price, Pheobe S.
PQR 53 Price, Ruth M.
PQR 5 Printz, Verna E.
PQR 55 Prizer, Jean U.
PQR 56 Procopio, Jean L.
PQR 56 Procter, Hazel Truth
PQR 54 Proud, Nadine
PQR 56 Proudfoot, Lewis H. Jr.
PQR 57 Proudfoot, Lewis H.Sr.
PQR 56 Proudfoot, Rose E.
PQR 56 Pruna, Regina Marie
PQR 54 Przybylowicz, John Z.
PQR 58 Pueschner, Herbert O.
PQR 58 Pugh, Roy E.
PQR 6 Purdon, Gregory A.
PQR 57 Putman, Patricia Reynolds Fenninger
PQR 6 Putney, Ruth E. Harnly Kressly
PQR 57 Putt, Elaine M.
PQR 58 Putt, Lillian M.
PQR 59 Putt, Marian L.
PQR 6 Putt, Marion L.
PQR 58 Putt, Walter L.
PQR 59 Pyfrom, Lucien
PQR 6 Pyle, Harold R. Jr.

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