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Local Newspaper Obituaries 1960s-1990s
Many clippings are not marked as to the newspaper or date
Clippings may be from the following newspapers: Reading Eagle, Reading Times and Ephrata Review

Surnames X-Y-Z

Book Page Name
XYZ 1 Xanthopoulos, Mary E.
XYZ 24 Yannessa, Albert M.
XYZ 2 Yarnall, Ruth K.
XYZ 23 Yeager, Chester B
XYZ 2 Yeager, Evelyn C.
XYZ 14 Yeager, Mamie C.
XYZ 23 Yeager, Robert Paul Sr.
XYZ 23 Yeagle, George F.
XYZ 3 Yeagley, Vera W.
XYZ 14 Yeakel, Frances E.
XYZ 4 Yeich, Warren H.
XYZ 2 Yelk, Henry A.
XYZ 14 Yenosky, Joseph F.
XYZ 24 Yerger, Gerald L.
XYZ 4 Yerger, Lawrence M.
XYZ 25 Yerger, Leroy E.
XYZ 5 Yerger, Warren C.
XYZ 4 Yesnser, Olive G.
XYZ 3 Yetter, Christian Hedrick
XYZ 5 Yetter, William J. Sr.
XYZ 5 Yiner, Daniel W.
XYZ 10 Yingst, Patsy L.A.
XYZ 6 Yocom, Christopher S.
XYZ 6 Yocum, Helen B.
XYZ 7 Yodeer, David S.
XYZ 9 Yoder, Jess
XYZ 5 Yoder, Anna
XYZ 8 Yoder, Burton E.
XYZ 6 Yoder, Carl J.
XYZ 22 Yoder, Carl J.
XYZ 7 Yoder, Charles W.
XYZ 7 Yoder, Christ B.Jr.
XYZ 14 Yoder, Craig Allen Jr
XYZ 6 Yoder, Edna Marie
XYZ 8 Yoder, Eli J.
XYZ 8 Yoder, Emma
XYZ 7 Yoder, Emma C.
XYZ 8 Yoder, Esther M.
XYZ 8 Yoder, Ethel H.
XYZ 9 Yoder, Fannie S.
XYZ 9 Yoder, Floyd
XYZ 9 Yoder, George D. Jr.
XYZ 16 Yoder, Irwin H.
XYZ 16 Yoder, J. Maynard
XYZ 10 Yoder, Jeremy Lee
XYZ 9 Yoder, John H.
XYZ 10 Yoder, John H.
XYZ 11 Yoder, K. Lynette
XYZ 10 Yoder, Katherine S.
XYZ 15 Yoder, Leroy A.
XYZ 10 Yoder, Lester G.
XYZ 11 Yoder, Miriam M.
XYZ 13 Yoder, Raymond A.Jr.
XYZ 11 Yoder, Rebecca B.
XYZ 12 Yoder, Rebecca B.
XYZ 12 Yoder, Rufus E.
XYZ 14 Yoder, Susan E.
XYZ 11 Yoder, Thomas
XYZ 12 Yoder, Walter A.
XYZ 16 Yoh, Calvin I.
XYZ 12 Yohe, Laura Elizabeth
XYZ 16 Yohn, Anna Katherine
XYZ 17 Yohn, Anna M.
XYZ 17 Yohn, Carl Lincoln
XYZ 17 Yohn, Emma Swarr
XYZ 17 Yohn, George B.
XYZ 18 Yohn, Leonard E.
XYZ 17 Yohn, Margaret C.
XYZ 18 Yohn, Ralph E.
XYZ 15 Yohn, Robert W.
XYZ 18 Yohn, Sallie
XYZ 18 Yohn, Vernon C.
XYZ 19 Yoos, Fred H.
XYZ 19 Yoos, Lettie G.
XYZ 20 Yost, Charles F.
XYZ 20 Yost, Fannie O.
XYZ 20 Yost, Kate E.
XYZ 25 Yost, Ralph W. Sr.
XYZ 19 Yost, Ruth N.
XYZ 19 Yost, Sara M.
XYZ 19 Yost, Verna E.
XYZ 20 Youndt, Terrence P.
XYZ 21 Youndt, William L.
XYZ 21 Young, Clara M.
XYZ 21 Young, Kenneth Umpbley Jr.
XYZ 21 Young, MarionL.
XYZ 22 Youngerman, Catherine
XYZ 15 Youtz, Earl
XYZ 22 Yunginger, Harold J.
XYZ 21 Yunginger, Verna S.
XYZ 15 Yurick, Robert C.
XYZ 27 Zaepfel, Richard C.
XYZ 30 Zane, Charles R.
XYZ 26 Zapf, Esther R.
XYZ 26 Zartman, J. Ira
XYZ 27 Zausner, Sol
XYZ 26 Zeiginfus, Floyd M.
XYZ 95 Zeigler, Melvin R.
XYZ 39 Zeilinsky, Stephen F.
XYZ 40 Zeimer, Charles Aaron
XYZ 41 Zeimer, Edwin
XYZ 26 Zeimer, Jamie L.
XYZ 40 Zeimer, Karen Louise
XYZ 26 Zeiser, Samuel C.
XYZ 30 Zeiset, Abram W.
XYZ 28 Zeiset, Anna M.
XYZ 29 Zeiset, Charlotte Mary
XYZ 94 Zeiset, Clayton S.
XYZ 28 Zeiset, Emma H. Fox
XYZ 29 Zeiset, Jesse
XYZ 28 Zeiset, John M.
XYZ 30 Zeiset, LoisW.
XYZ 30 Zeiset, Lori W.
XYZ 29 Zeiset, Lydia M.
XYZ 30 Zeiset, Mary Z.
XYZ 34 Zeiset, Mary Z.
XYZ 34 Zeiset, Phares M.
XYZ 34 Zeiset, Raymond Lemar
XYZ 30 Zell, Berta B.
XYZ 30 Zell, Charles B.
XYZ 31 Zell, E.Rosamond Reifsnyder
XYZ 31 Zell, George E.
XYZ 31 Zell, Roy H.
XYZ 34 Zeller, Harold B.
XYZ 31 Zellers, Marc B.
XYZ 32 Zeltner, Elizabeth M. Goodman
XYZ 33 Zepp, Lydia
XYZ 35 Zerbe, Chester L.
XYZ 36 Zerbe, Clarence W.
XYZ 32 Zerbe, CoraH.
XYZ 35 Zerbe, Dorothy R.
XYZ 35 Zerbe, Florence E.
XYZ 36 Zerbe, Florence H.
XYZ 36 Zerbe, Harry
XYZ 37 Zerbe, Jacob H.
XYZ 37 Zerbe, John L.
XYZ 37 Zerbe, John W.
XYZ 37 Zerbe, Joseph P.
XYZ 38 Zerbe, Laura S.
XYZ 33 Zerbe, Lillian M.
XYZ 38 Zerbe, Mary Ann Wise
XYZ 38 Zerbe, Mary I
XYZ 32 Zerbe, Morris W.
XYZ 32 Zerbe, Roswin M.
XYZ 32 Zerbe, William L.
XYZ 95 Zern, Florence A.
XYZ 39 Zerr, Cliffoerd
XYZ 39 Zerr, Hazel B.
XYZ 39 Zerr, James R.
XYZ 33 Zettlemoyer, Earl R.
XYZ 95 Zettlemoyer, John S.
XYZ 97 Zezenski, Stephen
XYZ 43 Zieger, Clara M.
XYZ 43 Ziegler, Esther M.
XYZ 44 Ziegler, Russell W.
XYZ 43 Ziegler, Stella M.
XYZ 42 Ziemer, Mary Ellen
XYZ 40 Ziemer, Clarence D.
XYZ 40 Ziemer, Cora M.
XYZ 40 Ziemer, Cora R.
XYZ 41 Ziemer, Davis F.
XYZ 41 Ziemer, Earl J.
XYZ 41 Ziemer, Edna S.
XYZ 42 Ziemer, F. Mahala
XYZ 44 Ziemer, Frederick W.
XYZ 44 Ziemer, George B.
XYZ 41 Ziemer, Horace
XYZ 43 Ziemer, Mary W.
XYZ 42 Ziemer, Noah E.
XYZ 43 Ziemer, Norman
XYZ 42 Ziemer, PhineasM.
XYZ 70 Zimmerman Minnie E.
XYZ 67 Zimmerman, Laura M.
XYZ 45 Zimmerman, Ada M.
XYZ 45 Zimmerman, Adam S.
XYZ 45 Zimmerman, Allen
XYZ 45 Zimmerman, Allen M. Jr.
XYZ 45 Zimmerman, Amanda S.
XYZ 46 Zimmerman, Amos R.
XYZ 46 Zimmerman, Anna M.
XYZ 46 Zimmerman, Anna R.
XYZ 46 Zimmerman, Anna S.
XYZ 47 Zimmerman, Anna Z.
XYZ 47 Zimmerman, Bertha L.
XYZ 47 Zimmerman, Betty G.
XYZ 47 Zimmerman, Charlene Z.
XYZ 48 Zimmerman, Charles H.
XYZ 48 Zimmerman, Christian B.
XYZ 48 Zimmerman, Christian M.
XYZ 48 Zimmerman, Clarence L.
XYZ 51 Zimmerman, Clarence M.
XYZ 51 Zimmerman, Clayton S.
XYZ 51 Zimmerman, Clayton W.
XYZ 50 Zimmerman, D. Elvin
XYZ 49 Zimmerman, Dale J.
XYZ 50 Zimmerman, David G.
XYZ 50 Zimmerman, David M.
XYZ 52 Zimmerman, Edna M.
XYZ 52 Zimmerman, Edwin N.
XYZ 52 Zimmerman, Elam E.
XYZ 53 Zimmerman, Elam G.
XYZ 53 Zimmerman, Elam Z.
XYZ 54 Zimmerman, Eli Z.
XYZ 54 Zimmerman, Elizabeth m.
XYZ 55 Zimmerman, Elizabeth W.
XYZ 53 Zimmerman, Ella Mae
XYZ 54 Zimmerman, Elmer B.
XYZ 55 Zimmerman, Elmer M.
XYZ 53 Zimmerman, Emma M.
XYZ 54 Zimmerman, Erma W.
XYZ 56 Zimmerman, Esther D.
XYZ 55 Zimmerman, Esther Faye
XYZ 55 Zimmerman, Esther O.
XYZ 56 Zimmerman, Eugene S.
XYZ 57 Zimmerman, George M.
XYZ 56 Zimmerman, George S.
XYZ 96 Zimmerman, Gerald E.
XYZ 57 Zimmerman, Gertrude L.
XYZ 57 Zimmerman, Gertrude L.
XYZ 58 Zimmerman, Harry W.III
XYZ 58 Zimmerman, Harry W.III
XYZ 59 Zimmerman, Harry Weaver
XYZ 58 Zimmerman, Harry Z.
XYZ 59 Zimmerman, Harvey M.
XYZ 57 Zimmerman, Harvey S.
XYZ 59 Zimmerman, Hettie B.
XYZ 60 Zimmerman, Hettie E.
XYZ 60 Zimmerman, Hettie G.
XYZ 59 Zimmerman, Hettie N.
XYZ 60 Zimmerman, Ina M.
XYZ 60 Zimmerman, Ira S.
XYZ 60 Zimmerman, Irene
XYZ 61 Zimmerman, Issac B.
XYZ 62 Zimmerman, Issac F.
XYZ 61 Zimmerman, Ivan B.
XYZ 62 Zimmerman, Ivan Z.
XYZ 61 Zimmerman, IvanG.
XYZ 62 Zimmerman, Jacob B.
XYZ 63 Zimmerman, Jacob S.
XYZ 61 Zimmerman, James S.
XYZ 62 Zimmerman, Janelle
XYZ 66 Zimmerman, John David
XYZ 63 Zimmerman, John E.
XYZ 64 Zimmerman, John H.
XYZ 64 Zimmerman, John I.
XYZ 63 Zimmerman, John Issac
XYZ 64 Zimmerman, John N.M.
XYZ 63 Zimmerman, John S.
XYZ 66 Zimmerman, John W.
XYZ 63 Zimmerman, Jonas M.
XYZ 65 Zimmerman, Joseph E.
XYZ 66 Zimmerman, Kathryn Overly
XYZ 65 Zimmerman, Katie B.
XYZ 65 Zimmerman, Katie M.
XYZ 66 Zimmerman, Katie S.
XYZ 65 Zimmerman, Kevin Lee
XYZ 66 Zimmerman, Laura M.
XYZ 67 Zimmerman, Leah W.
XYZ 68 Zimmerman, Levi S.
XYZ 67 Zimmerman, Levi W.
XYZ 68 Zimmerman, Luella E.
XYZ 67 Zimmerman, Lydia E.
XYZ 68 Zimmerman, Lydia G.
XYZ 68 Zimmerman, Lydia S.
XYZ 69 Zimmerman, Mabel M.
XYZ 67 Zimmerman, Magdalena B.
XYZ 69 Zimmerman, Margaret E.
XYZ 69 Zimmerman, Margaret H.
XYZ 69 Zimmerman, Marian M.
XYZ 70 Zimmerman, Mark L.
XYZ 70 Zimmerman, Martin S.
XYZ 71 Zimmerman, Mary H.
XYZ 70 Zimmerman, Mary S.
XYZ 72 Zimmerman, Mary W.
XYZ 70 Zimmerman, Mary Z.
XYZ 72 Zimmerman, Mary Z.
XYZ 71 Zimmerman, Meta L.
XYZ 71 Zimmerman, Michael Heisey
XYZ 72 Zimmerman, Michael M.
XYZ 71 Zimmerman, Milton B.
XYZ 72 Zimmerman, Minnie Buckholder
XYZ 73 Zimmerman, Miriam S.
XYZ 73 Zimmerman, Moses E.
XYZ 72 Zimmerman, Moses S.
XYZ 73 Zimmerman, Nancy
XYZ 75 Zimmerman, Nancy M.
XYZ 76 Zimmerman, Neil Brian
XYZ 75 Zimmerman, Noah H.
XYZ 76 Zimmerman, Noah Martin
XYZ 73 Zimmerman, Noah W.
XYZ 74 Zimmerman, Paul L.
XYZ 74 Zimmerman, Paul M.
XYZ 74 Zimmerman, Pauline
XYZ 76 Zimmerman, Raymond W,
XYZ 77 Zimmerman, Reuben W.
XYZ 76 Zimmerman, Rose Ann
XYZ 74 Zimmerman, Rose Marie
XYZ 75 Zimmerman, Roy
XYZ 77 Zimmerman, Ruth H. Brown
XYZ 77 Zimmerman, Sadie G. Lied
XYZ 75 Zimmerman, Samuel M.
XYZ 78 Zimmerman, Samuel O.
XYZ 79 Zimmerman, Sarah M.
XYZ 78 Zimmerman, Sarah V.
XYZ 79 Zimmerman, Stella Martin
XYZ 78 Zimmerman, Susan H.
XYZ 79 Zimmerman, Susie Z.
XYZ 75 Zimmerman, Timothy Z.
XYZ 79 Zimmerman, William F.
XYZ 49 Zimmmerman, Daniel W.
XYZ 80 Zinn, Margaret
XYZ 81 Zodl, William Robert
XYZ 81 Zoller, Charles W.
XYZ 44 Zoller, Effie M.
XYZ 81 Zoller, Frederick O.
XYZ 81 Zoller, Oliver C.
XYZ 44 Zollers, E. Warren
XYZ 82 Zomer, Jenny
XYZ 95 Zondlo, Henry F.
XYZ 92 Zook, Ruth Anna
XYZ 83 Zook, Albert Allen
XYZ 83 Zook, Amos D.
XYZ 83 Zook, Amos J.
XYZ 83 Zook, Amos K.
XYZ 87 Zook, Anna K.
XYZ 85 Zook, Annie S.
XYZ 85 Zook, Chad Michael
XYZ 86 Zook, David K.
XYZ 89 Zook, Elam B.
XYZ 89 Zook, Elam M.
XYZ 89 Zook, Elam S.
XYZ 90 Zook, Elsie L.
XYZ 89 Zook, Emma K.
XYZ 84 Zook, Harold J.
XYZ 86 Zook, Issac N.
XYZ 86 Zook, Issac N.Jr.
XYZ 88 Zook, Ivan F.
XYZ 87 Zook, Jacob B.
XYZ 84 Zook, Jacob K.Jr.
XYZ 86 Zook, John B.
XYZ 88 Zook, Jonas S.
XYZ 90 Zook, Malinda F.
XYZ 93 Zook, Marjorie R.
XYZ 90 Zook, Mary S.
XYZ 90 Zook, Mattie
XYZ 91 Zook, Menno S.
XYZ 90 Zook, Miriam K.
XYZ 88 Zook, Rachel S.
XYZ 91 Zook, Rachel Z.
XYZ 93 Zook, Rebecca K.
XYZ 91 Zook, Rebecca Z.
XYZ 92 Zook, Reuben James
XYZ 92 Zook, Samuel B.
XYZ 92 Zook, Sara
XYZ 91 Zook, Simon M.
XYZ 92 Zook, Stephen U.
XYZ 82 Zorena, Helen
XYZ 93 Zuber, Mary E.
XYZ 93 Zuber, Ruth Evelyn
XYZ 94 Zuck, Viola G.
XYZ 89 Zwally, Dorothy Grahm
XYZ 94 Zwally, Henry S.

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Updated  18 October 2015