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These are two tax lists for the area between the Brandywine Creek and the Schuylkill River. At this time there were only three counties in existence: Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester. Lancaster County was not formed until 1729 and Berks County was not formed until 1752. In modern terms, the area represented by these lists would include the tri-county area of southern Berks, northern Chester and eastern Lancaster Counties.

1718 Rate of the High District from Schuylkill


Blare, John

Bouchalls, Henry

Bouchalls, Jacob

Callowhill, Thomas

Castle, Henry

Castle, Hubert

Duncley, Richard

Evans, David

ffrie, Rodell

Gwyn, Jonathan

Kolb, Johannes

Logan, James

Longeger, Abraham

Meredith, Simon

Miller, Thomas

OBume, John

Overhult, Marcus

Parker, Henry

Phillips, William

Powell, David

Pompler, Garret

Pugh, James

Ringer, Matthias

Roberts, Owen

Robinson, Isreal

Rumford, John

Rutter, John

Seeler, Andrea

Sinclair, John

Smout, Edward

Stager, Jacob

Vemer, Marden (Urner)

Wolfmiller, Johannes

1720 The Rate of the Inhabitants upon Schuylkill


Buckholts, Henry

Buckholtz, Jacob

Calloway, Thomas

Castle, Henry

Cobb, Johannes

Coughanour, Henerig

David, Lewis

David, William

Gwynne, Jonathan

Hiddings, William

Hockley, Henry

Hose, Peter

Houck, Rudy

James, John

Lincoln, Mordicay

Logan, James

Longeger, Velverig

Martyn, Hanse Ormer

Meredith, Simon

Miller, Thomas

Nutt, Samuel

Ormer, Jacobus

Overhooltz, Marcus

Parker, Henery

Persall, John

Persall, Richard

Phillips, William

Ringer, Matthias

Roberts, David

Roberts, Owen

Robinson, Isreal

Rogers, Philip

Rumford, John

Rutter, John

Sickleer, Andrew

Stager, Jacob

Swisher, Hanse

Williams, John

Wolfmiller, Hanse

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