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Below are items for sale at the society store:

A Directory of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Blacksmiths    $5.00
    Published by Mid-West Tool Collectors Association, Area P  2001

A Rat Like Me    $5.00
    Written by Deborah S. Kirlin, Illustrated by Angela Faust & Betsy Buckwalter

A Weaver’s Source Book     Uphome with Jonas and Emma   
    Mary Lou Weaver Houser with Carolyn Ehst Groff

Barn Savers    $15.95
Written by Linda Oatman High & Illustrated by Ted Levin

Battle of Paoli  $24.95 
Thomas J. McGuire

Coventry  the Skool Kill District    $29.95
    A Basic History of the Three Coventry Townships 1700-1850
Estelle Cremers and Pamela Shenk

David Thomas-Iron Man from Wales    $12.95
    The Story of an Immigrant and the Country He Left Behind
Peter N. Williams 1995

Genealogy Record of David M. Mast & Elizabeth K. Stoltzfus 1868-1993    $5.00
    Virginia M. Hertzler 1993

History of the Conestoga Turnpike Through Chester County, Pennsylvania    $24.00
S. H. Quillman 1993

History of the U. S. Coast Guard    $  6.50
    -Mounted Beach Patrols-
     World War II
Compiled by Spencer L. Windle 1996

History of the Presbyterian Church in the Forks of Brandywine    $25.00
    Chester County, Pennsylvania  1885
James McClune, L. L. D.

History of the Campaign for the Conquest of Canada in 1776    $25.00
Charles Henry Jones

Hogwash, History and Horse Sense    $9.95
    The World According to Jake
Linda High

One Hundred Years of Commitment to Communication Services 1902-2002    $10.00
    Conestoga Mutual Telephone Company
    Conestoga Telephone & Telegraph Company
    Conestoga Enterprises, Inc.
Marie E. Cutman

Pictorial History of Chester County Bridges -Past and Present-    $35.00
Compiled by Spencer L. Windle

Reading Furnace 1736    $10.00
Estelle Cremers

St. Thomas Church  Morgantown, Pennsylvania    $35.00
    A Parish History 1740-1990
Evans C. Goodling, Jr.

Sketches of Scarlet’s Mill    $39.95
     Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Written and Illustrated by Jere E. Brady

Sketches of Early Schools of Twin Valley    $29.95
    Caernarvon & Robeson Townships of Berks County
    Elverson & Honeybrook Boroughs
    Honey Brook & West Nantmeal Townships of Chester County
Written & Illustrated by Jere E. Brady

The Funny Side of Mining    $12.50
David Anspach

Waymarks on the Trail of the Colonial Welsh Sabbath-Keepers    $25.00
    William F. Griffiths
Tri-County Heritage Society 2005

Will the Real Mary Lincoln Please Stand Up?    $5.00
    A Comprehensive Treatise of Prime Genealogical Evidence
James Clarkson Landis

World War II  Odyssey, Pennsylvania Dutch Farm Boy    $20.00
    Becomes 8th Air Force Navigator
Bill Frankhouser

Message by Horseback    $30.00
Dr. Doris R. Schoel

Reading Furnace 1736  $10.00
Estelle Cremers

Mary St. John-A Patriotic Woman   $5.00
She Gave All She Had
 Faye E. Max

121ST Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers   $5.00
at Gettysburg
Ed Max

Waynesburg (Honeybrook) and Honeybrook  $5.00
Township in the Civil War
Ed Max


General Clinton's Spy Map  $10.00
Rev. War SE Pa

East Vincent Township  $10.00
Original Patent Map

West Vincent Township  $10.00
Original Patent Map

East Pikeland Township  $20.00
Original Patent Map

Sow-Belly Railroad Map  $10.00


Jones/Hertzler House print    $25.00
Artists Proof    $75.00
5 oz. Glass Mug, Jacob Morgan Home    $5.00
TCHS Notecards    $5.00
Morgantown Napkins    $1.00
License Plate-Morgantown Bicentennial 1770-1970    $5.00
First Day Stamp Covers-Morgantown Bicentennial    $10.00

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Updated 12/7/2011