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The Old Welsh Cemetery
East Earl Twp., Lancaster Co.

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Historical Background

OCTOBER 18, 1738 - Thomas Edwards to the Lords Proprietor (Pennsylvania Archives Originals, Historical Society of Pennsylvania) ".bout seven years ago Morgan's father died and left a widow and several children ...Ms father and several others of the deceased of the neighborhood and been buried on ye vacancy ... joining his mother's place and Jenkin Jenkin's land. "

MAY 8. 1764 - Thomas Edwards, one of the judges when Lancaster County was formed in 17'29 from Chester County, died, and was buried in the Welsh Cemetery.

AUGUST 20, 1764 - SURVEY C~-122-249 - Bureau of Land Records, Harrisburg, PA. "3 14 acres and 5 perches in Earl Township was supposed to be within the lines of Morgan's patented land, but on measuring some of his lines, was found to be vacant. Morrgan now requests patent as it includes part of a Burying Ground belonging to his father. "

APRIL 1768 - B.F. Owens, Historical Papers...of the Lancaster County Historical Society. Vol. 1, 1896?97, page 361 ? 373. "Joseph Williamson was employed to enclose the ground with a stone wall two feet thick and three and )half feet high on the inside, the enclosure being 75._5 X 112..5 feet. The bill of Joseph Williamson for the labor was £17, 18 shillings and 4 pence, (about 2.5 cents per perch), Eighteen pounds of nails were used to secure the covering. This and the other material used were paid as separate items by Rees Morgan. Bettie Morgan made several trips for nails, as the work progressed, to the store at the Blue Ball. "

FEBRUARY 9, 1769 - Rees Morgan's will was proved at Lancaster, (B 1 ?639). "I give to my wife, Margaret, and my said son, David, that piece of land where the graveyard is situate in Earl Township, containing 125 perches to be held and possessed by them and their heirs forever. In trust nevertheless that the said graveyard shall be for the use of all such as shall desire to burn their dead there at all times and I do enjoin them, my said wife and son, to let what remains unfenced of the said piece of land to such person as will rent or lease the same and the money it will rent for to go to pay the quit rents for the said piece of land and what remains towards keeping the fence about the grave in repair. "

DECEMBER 17, 1788 -ORPHANS COURT, LANCASTER. "John Pauling died before this date and the only heirs of Rees Morgan were Henry Pawling, above 14 years, and four sisters under 14 years. The guardian of all was their grandfather, Henry Pawling, of Montgomery County, Yeoman."

1896 - B.F. Owen visited the Welsh Cemetery=, recording the inscriptions and wrote an article.

APRIL 17. 1897 - A. G. Seyfert wrote an article in a Lancaster newspaper, saying, "One of the most neglected spots in the county. "

OCTOBER 12. 1941- W. Woerner visited the Welsh Cemetery, correcting the inscriptions, and included in his report this statement by Robert E. Simpson. "William F. Showalter is the name only. Washington Camp, No.274, Patriotic Order Sons of America for many years devoted apart of its time and attention to this ancient burial place. The lodge is no longer in existence. The older members of the order who were interested in the graveyard having passed away in recent years, those that remain petitioned the local court to release the lodge from the upkeep of the burial ground. The petition was granted."

Grave Plot

West Wall
1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
12 13 14 15 16 17
18 18½ 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29
30 31 32
33 34 35 36
37 38
39 40
East Wall

1) In memory of JOHN PATTON, born in the County of Antrim, Ireland, who departed this life May 10, 1832 in the 83rd year of his age. He was a soldier in the Revolution and fought in the battles of Germantown, Princetown and Yorktown. [image]

  2) In memory of MARGARET PATTON who died July 25 ,A.D.1849, Aged 84 years 3 months. [image]
3) JAMES TREGO born February 9, 1798; died June 6, 1880. Aged 82 years, 3 months and 26 days. Gathered in a good old age to the assembly of the Righteous. [image]   4) In memory of LYDIA W. TREGO departed this life April 21, A.D. 1864 aged 54 years 6 months and 22 days. She is gone, and like a pretty flower That once in beauty bloomed, Struck by the land of Heavenly power, She sleeps within the tomb. [image]
5) In memory of ISAAC DAVIS who departed this life January the 5th, A. D.1838, aged 83 years, 9 months and 1 day. Weep not for me, for here you see My trials have been great; But now 'tis time I bid adieu And change my mournful state. [image]   6) In memory of LYDIA DAVIS departed this life October 5th, A. D.1821, aged 63 years and 11 days. Dear friends, farewell, I go to dwell With Jesus Christ on high, Then for to sing, praise t o my King, To all eternity. [image]
7) In memory of JOHN DAVIS, who was born September 18, 1783, died January 11, . 1824, aged 40 years, 3 months and 24 days. Thus much, and this is all we Know, they're numbered with the blessed. Have done with sin, care and woe, And with their Saviour rest, On harps of gold they praise His name, His face they always View, then let us followers Be of them that may praise him too. [image]   8) In memory of Elmira E. Davis, born September the 18th, 1829, died July the 21st, 1847 aged 17 years, 10 months and 3 days The years rowls round and steals away The breath that first it gave; What are we do what are we be, We are traveling to the grave. [image]
9) Sacred to the memory of ISAAC C. DAVIS son of Richard and Catharine Davis, born January the 23d, 1821, Died Aril the 23rd, 1830, aged 9 year, 3 month. [image]   9½) In memory of ANDREW J. EVANS son of Hiram and An Evans, who departed this life December the 8th, 1828, aged 1 month & 8 days. [image]
10) In memory of ISAAC D. TREGO aged 11 months and some days. 1827 [image] 10½) In memory of ELI P. TREGO, aged 5 months and 7 days [image]
11) In memory of HIRAM B. TREGO aged 2 years, 3 months & 10 days. 1841 [image] 11½) In memory of ABSALOM TREGO,aged 4 months & 9 days 1842. [image]
12) In memory of JOHN S. DAVIS born February 10, 1850, died Feb. 24,1850 aged 14 days ON REVERSE SIDE son of Henry & Susanna Davis [image]   13) In memory of CATHARINE DAVIS wife of Richard Davis, SEN., who was born Nov.7,1792, and departed this life March 51st, 1858,aged 75 years, 4 months end 24 days. My flesh shall slumber In the ground 'til the last trumpet's joyful sound. [image]
14) In memory of RICHARD DAVIS, SEN., who departed this life October the 12th, A.D.1861, aged 72 years, 6 months and 13 days. My flesh shall slumber In the ground 'til the last trumpet's joyful sound. [image]   15) In memory of LYDIA A. DAVIS born Dec. 21, 1848, died February the 12th , 1851 aged 2 years 1 mo and 22 days ON REVERSE SIDE Daughter of Henry and Susanna Davis
16) In memory of ELMIRA E. DAVIS, born August the 24th 1847. Died May the 21st, 1851, aged 3 years 8 mo and 27 days ON REVERSE SIDE Daughter of Henry and Susanna Davis [image]   17) In memory of SUSANNA DAVIS wife of Henry S. Davis, daughter of Jacob & Susanna Lied. She was born September the 10 th,1825 and departed this life June the 1st 1851, aged 25 years, 8 months and 16 days From all my friend I gone away And took farewell with all my heart, To rest in hope for that great day when shall need and never part. [image]
18) ELIZABETH DAVIS, born Aug. 29,1785, died Oct.15,1872, aged 87 years, 1 mo. & 16 days. [image]   18½) In memory of ELIZA KAIN was born April 14,1807, died May 9th, 1868, aged 61 years and 26 days. [image]
19) In memory of SARAH HAMBRIGHT, was born Nov. 29 ,1781, died September 4, 1867, aged 85 year, 9 month and 5 days   20) In memory of Elizabeth Pawling, who departed this life March 4th, 1786, aged 42 years and 1 month. [image]
21) In memory of REES MORGAN, who departed this life Jan.13,1769, aged 59 years [image] 22) In memory of MARGARET MORGAN, who departed this life August the 20th, 1781, aged 76 years [image]
23) In memory of THOMAS EDWARDS, Esq., who departed this life May 8, 1764, aged 91 years [image] 24) Here lies the body of ELIZABETH EDWARDS, who departed this life, the 30th day of November, 1754, in the 76th year of her age. ON REVERSE SIDE Entombed I am, in dust I lie, Within this very place My soul took flight with angels bright To see my Saviour's face. And in the light, within a sight Of Him above the sky, And so shall all who believe and call On Him before they die.
25) In memory of MARY HAMBRIGHT, Consort of Henry Hambright, Esq. who departed this life August 4th, 1825, aged 72 years. [image] 26) In memory of HENRY HAMBRIGHT, ESQ,., who was born April 11th, A.D.1749 and died March 2, 1835, aged 85 years 10 months & 20 days. [image]
27) In memory of MARY ANN HAMBRIGHT second wife of General Henry Hambright, who departed this life April 12, 1835 [image] 28) In memory of CHARLOTTE ANN, daughter of Davis and Maria Hambright, departed this life February 17, A. D.1851, aged 14 years 1 m. 8 d. She saught the Lord with all her heart. And soon She found her sins forgiven Cheerful with all her friends did part In hope to meet them all in heaven. [image]
29) In memory of SAMUEL H. son of Davis &, Maria Hambright died March 4, A.D. 1851, aged 5 y. and 14 d. Beloved in life, Happy in death. 30) In memory of ROBERT WALLACE who departed this life the 17th day of December, 1793, aged 72 years. [image]
31) In memory of ZACCHEUS DAVIS, JUN., who departed this life July the 4th, 1793, in the 36th year of his age. [image] 32) JANE ALLEN a native of Ireland, Died Oct.9,1826, aged 80 years. [image]
33) In memory of JOHN DAVIS who departed this life March 21, 1774, in the 68th year of his age. [image] 34) In memory of ELIZABETH, wife of John Davis, who departed this life Dec. 19,1796, aged 71 years & 8 months [image]
35) In memory of ZACCHEUS DAVIS, ESQ. who departed this life March the 25th, 1788, In the 78th year of his age. [image] 36) In memory of JOANNA, wife of Zaccheus Davis, Esq., who departed this life Jan.2lst, 1768 In the 58th year of her age [image]
37) 1810 38) 1785
39) F. L. Dev. 40) A.L.A.N. 1814
41) E. A. 1746
Used as a cap on the eastern column of the entrance, there is a sandstone, an which are the words: Here lies the body of JOHN DAVIS Departed this life the 21st day of January, 1738 A. D. Aged 56 years. [image]

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